The Internationalist  
  May 2013
Immigration “Reform”: The Big Swindle

There has been almost no reference in the discussion of immigration reform of a crucial aspect of how the “bi-partisan” Senate plan would work. Many people are aware of the basics: First, undocumented immigrants hand over to the immigration agency their personal data. Second, they pass a background check by ICE, FBI and local police. Third, they pay a hefty fine. Fourth, they pay all back taxes. After all that, they could get provisional status. Then after ten years in provisional status they may be able to apply for a Green Card (permanent residency) and after three more years they could apply for citizenship.

But there are a couple of hitches which most people are unaware of: (a) undocumented immigrants initially receive only six years in provisional status, then have to apply again, and to get a second period their income must have been above the poverty level all six years, and they cannot have been unemployed for more than 60 consecutive days. This would exclude many in seasonal occupations, such as construction. And then, (b) after ten years, there is a BIG barrier: their income must have been at least 25% ABOVE THE OFFICIAL POVERTY LEVEL for ALL TEN YEARS.

That means, for a single individual, they would have to earn (at the official 2013 level) $14,362 a year, which is what they would make if receiving the minimum wage ($7.25/hr.), 40 hours a week, 50 weeks a year. So if they go more than two weeks without work, they wouldn’t be eligible. And for a family of four (two adults, two children), they would have to earn (at the 2013 level) $29,438 a year.

Yet according to various estimates (including the relatively unbiased Pew Hispanic Center), approximately one-fifth (21%) of all undocumented immigrants and over one-third (35%) of all undocumented immigrants from Mexico have incomes below the official poverty level.

Thus millions of undocumented immigrants would not be eligible to receive a Green Card and eventually citizenship even if they met all the other criteria.

Here is an infographic by the Wilson Center, a liberal think tank, depicting the immigration reform maze:

This is in addition to the massive militarization of the border region entailed by this “reform,” and the fact that it would be implemented by la migra, the justly hated Immigration and Customs Enforcement cops, many of whom have a fascist mindset and consider all immigrants “terrorists,” to be treated accordingly.