No. 10, June 2001 
internationalist no. 9

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  • Defend the Charleston Five!
  • Cincinnati Explodes Over Racist Killer Cops
  • Drive Out War Criminal Bob Kerrey!
  • "Alliance" with Cops = Betrayal of the Workers
  • Victory to Daewoo Workers
  • From Puerto Rico to Korea: U.S. Bombers Get Out!
  • Mexico: Women Workers Battle Gun Thugs
  • Defeat the Capitalist Onslaught Against Public Education
  • SL Zigzags on Port Shutdown for Mumia's Freedom
  • Mobilize Workers' Power Now to Free Mumia

Key Battle for Labor Rights and Black Freedom
Defend the Charleston Five!
Defeat the Racist Union-Busters with Hard Class Struggle
The fight to defend the Charleston Five is a key battle linking labor struggle with the cause of black freedom. These members of International Longshoremen’s Association Local 1422 are facing years in prison on federal charges of “felonious riot.” They are targets of a racist anti-union assault as the bosses seek to break a key outpost of black labor in the South, Charleston, the second largest port on the U.S. East Coast. On 20 January 2000, the unionists picketing a scab operation were set upon by 600 state and local riot cops and prison guards, who used tear gas, rubber bullets, concussion grenades as well as armored cars, helicopters, sniper details, police boats and attack dogs. Three days before the police riot, ILA Local 1422 participated in a march of tens of thousands in Columbia, the state capital, demanding that the Confederate flag be taken down from above the statehouse. The brutal attack in Charleston was in good part a “payback” from the racist state government. In the face of the persecution of the Charleston Five and the escalating attack on union rights, what’s called for is a solid longshore strike to shut down all three coasts.  Defend the Charleston Five!  (June 2001)

For a Class-Struggle Fight Against the Racist Union-Busters!
Defeat the Capitalist Onslaught Against Public Education!
Teachers, Minorities, Immigrants Targeted
The public school system is the focal point of an assault by key sectors of the U.S. ruling class. “Education reform” was a top issue for both Democrats and Republicans in last year’s presidential election, as it is in the New York City mayoral election this coming fall. Masked by phony pro-children rhetoric and squabbling over vouchers, there is a “bipartisan” consensus to “reinvent” public education to reflect the demands of the capitalist market. As usual, teachers are portrayed as the obstacle to high standards and improving schools. The effect of this and similar reforms around the country will be to dramatically increase the tendency to a two-tier education system, with more rigorous schools for those considered “college bound” and barracks-like “academies” for those tracked to be low-wage unskilled labor. The purpose of all the rulers’ talk of “standards” is not to improve the chances for poor inner-city children – they don’t give a damn about that – but to make the labor force more “competitive” globally with its imperialist rivals, to “Americanize” the new wave of immigrants, and ultimately to prepare the population for war.  Defeat the Capitalist Onslaught Against Public Education!  (June 2001)

Korean Auto Workers Fight Mass Firings
Victory to Daewoo Workers!
As bankruptcy threatened the Daewoo industrial empire, one of South Korea’s leading trusts, the management of its auto plants ordered the mass firing of 1,800 workers, a third of the entire workforce. Militant Daewoo workers and their families responded by occupying the key plant, while the capitalist government sent in thousands of riot cops. The battle continues as Daewoo workers seek international labor solidarity in protesting the planned takeover of the company by the U.S. auto giant, General Motors. Despite Korean workers’ militancy, their leaders in the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions have aided South Korean president Kim Dae-jung in ramming through mass layoffs. The fight for a Trotskyist workers party is urgently posed.  Victory to Daewoo Workers!  (June 2001)

Drive Out War Criminal Bob Kerrey!
He Should Be Brought to Justice by a Court of 
His Surviving Victims in Ho Chi Minh City!
The president of New School University is a war criminal. Covered up for 30 years, the war crime was the work of “Kerrey’s Raiders,” a U.S. Navy special forces (SEAL) unit commanded by Lt. Robert Kerrey. Trading on his reputation as a “war hero,” Kerrey went on to become a U.S. senator, a leading liberal Democratic presidential hopeful, and this January was named president of the prestigious New School. Now the truth has been exposed that he is a mass murderer of women and children. Today, an orchestrated campaign from liberals and conservatives alike seeks to carry out damage control. But the facts clearly show: Bob Kerrey is guilty as hell! Drive Out War Criminal Bob Kerrey! (1 May 2001)

For a Class-Struggle Fight to Unionize the Maquiladoras!
Mexico: Women Workers Battle Gun Thugs
The demise of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) regime, formally certified in the elections of 2 July 2000, raised hopes in various sectors, including layers of the working class. For more than half a century, the PRI’s domination was based on iron-fisted control of the proletariat by its corporatist “union” apparatus. Many workers in the maquiladoras thought that the defeat of the PRI meant that – finally! – they could throw off the dead hand of the corporatist apparatus which condemned them to poverty wages. Yet this has not changed up to this point. Thus the stage has been set for an upsurge of fierce, and possibly bloody, struggles. Of all the current conflicts, the most dramatic is the struggle of the workers at the Duro Bag Manufacturing Company in Río Bravo, in the border state of Tamaulipas. Mexico: Women Workers Battle Gun Thugs (May 2001) 

Open Letter from the Internationalist Group
“Alliance” with Cops = Betrayal of Workers
During a February 18  “March for Workers Rights” in Brooklyn, a spokesman at the closing rally announced the support” of the Latino Officers Association, represented by a Street Narcotics cop of the NYPD. This is the criminal repressive force which murdered Amadou Diallo. The Internationalist Group contingent chanted Cops Out!” and walked out protesting the presence of professional strikebreakers and enforcers of the capitalist state. “‘Unity’ with police means trampling the memory of Anthony Báez, Patrick Dorismond, Yong Xin Huang, Gideon Busch and countless other victims of the NYPD's racist terror,” stated this Open Letter issued by the IG. “Alliance with Cops = Betrayal of the Workers (February 2001) 

Mass Protests and Arrests as Navy  Resumes Bombing of Vieques, Air Force Bombs Koon-I, South Korea
From Puerto Rico to Korea: U.S. Bombers Get Out!
Anti-Communist Exclusion Undermines Protest
In a brazen display of imperial arrogance, the U.S. Navy resumed bombardment of the Puerto Rican island of Vieques on June 25. Over the next few days, federal agents arrested hundreds of protesters seeking to block the bombing. A week earlier, some 3,000 South Korean villagers, students and a sizeable contingent of workers from the Kia auto plant demonstrated militantly against a U.S. Air Force bombing range in the village of Maehyang-ri, demanding "Drive the U.S. troops out!" Internationalist Group protesters participated in a June 22 demonstration over Vieques but were excluded by the nationalist organizers for chanting "U.S. Navy out of Puerto Rico, U.S. Army out of Korea!"  From Puerto Rico to Korea: U.S. Bombers Get Out! (30 June 2000) 

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