No. 11, Summer 2001 
internationalist no. 9

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  • Israeli Rulers Prepare for All-Out War
  • The Fight for Trotskyism in Palestine
  • Oil Rig Catastrophe in Brazil
  • Porto Alegre Confab: Popular-Frontist Fantasy Island
  • Mexico: Fox Drops the Mask
  • ICL Supports Anti-Union Exclusion Clause in Mexico
  • Algeria: Kabylia in Revolt
  • French Imperialism's Crimes in Algeria and the Reformist Left
  • ICL Still Caught Between Shachtman and Trotsky!
  • Mobilize Workers Power to Smash KKK Terror!
  • 41 Shots... Remembering Amadou Diallo
  • The Assassination of Patrice Lumumba

Defend the Palestinian People
Israeli Rulers Prepare All-Out War
Behind all the talk of non-existent cease-fires, the sudden trips by top U.S. officials to the Near East and Israeli calls to “remove” (assassinate) Yasir Arafat lies the fact that the Zionist leaders are systematically gearing up to launch a full-scale attack on Arafat’s Palestinian Authority (PA). The PA was the make-believe government set up in the Occupied Territories by the 1993 Oslo “peace” accord in order to police the Arab masses and put an end to the first intifada (uprising). The whole Oslo “peace” fraud was a product of the U.S.-dominated New World Order in the aftermath of the collapse of the Soviet Union. The idea that the NATO chiefs who bombed Belgrade and Baghdad could or would somehow pressure Israeli warmongers into making concessions is a dangerous illusion. Class-conscious working people around the world must defend the oppressed Palestinian people against the Zionist oppressors, all the more so in an outright war. Trotskyists look to the international working class to defend the Palestinian Arab people whose rights and lives have been trampled on by the Zionists’ jackboot. Defeats for imperialism around the world will have a direct impact in the area. A proletarian upheaval against the decrepit Arab regimes anywhere in the Near East would directly threaten both the Zionists and the Arab puppets of imperialism. Israeli Rulers Prepare All-Out War (Summer 2001)

Oil Rig Catastrophe in Brazil

Petro-Bosses’ Privatization Means Workers’ Blood!
The 40-story Brazilian oil platform was the world’s largest when it went into production last year. But despite the most advanced technology, the bosses’ drive to increase profits made the rig a death trap. Eleven workers died as a result of the explosions which destroyed the P-36 platform on March 15. The frenetic privatization drive of  the state-owned Petrobrás (Brazil Oil) company has meant mass layoffs and an all-round assault on workers’ health and safety. More than 80 workers have been killed in the last three years. The Class Struggle Caucus led by the Liga Quarta-Internacionalista do Brasil calls in this leaflet for strike action to stop the capitalist  murder. Petro-Bosses’ Privatization Means Workers Blood (21 March 2001)

“Zapatour” in Foxlandia, Police Beat Demonstrators in Cancún, UNAM Students Expelled
Fox Drops the Mask
Since his election last July, Mexican president Vicente Fox has posed as the incarnation of democracy. But on February 27 in Cancún the mask came off, as federal and local police beat protesters outside a meeting of the World Economic Forum. In the capital, the National University administration decreed the expulsion of six leaders of the Strike General Council (CGH). Meanwhile in the maquiladora plants on the northern border workers are waging a bitter struggle against the bosses’ gun thugs of the corporatist pseudo-unions. Now there is a new media circus around the Zapatista caravan to Mexico City. Even Fox claims to support the “march for peace,” while Zapatista National Liberation Army (EZLN) leaders call on Congress to legislate autonomy for Mexico’s Indian peoples. The Grupo Internacionalista warns that “autonomy” under the military boot is a fraud. Only workers revolution can liberate the peasantry and indigenous peoples from centuries-old oppression. Fox Drops the Mask (8 March 2001)

China: For Workers Political Revolution to Defeat Capitalist Counterrevolution!
ICL Still Caught Between Shachtman and Trotsky
In numerous diatribes against the League for the Fourth International, the International Communist League has claimed that the Stalinist bureaucracies led the counterrevolution that put the bourgeoisie in power from East Germany to the Soviet Union, and are supposedly leading the counterrevolution in China today. After four years of vociferously arguing this anti-Trotskyist position, suddenly last summer the ICL fell strangely silent. We alerted our readers that once again the ICL was about to change its line on a fundamental question for Marxists. Now we have it: taking a half-step backward, the ICL says that in the end the Stalinists do and don’t, will and won’t lead the counterrevolution. As it ricochets to the right, the ICL is caught in a quandary: how to keep up a pretense of Trotskyism while turning toward Shachtmanite Stalinophobia.

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