No. 13, May-June 2002 
internationalist no. 12

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  • Israels Genocidal Blitzkrieg
  • Defend the Palestinian People – Defeat Israels Genocidal Blitzkrieg!
  • Free Mordechai Vanunu!
  • How the Zionists Use Hamas as a Tool of Provocation
  • Mobilize Labor to Free the Detainees!
  • Defend Immigrant Students – Smash the Racist War on CUNY!
  • Down with the Racist Dragnet  – Free All the Detainees Now!
  • Womens Liberation Through Socialist Revolution/
  • Safiya Hussain Freed After Protests
  • Teachers Should Spearhead Strike by All NYC Workers
  • Popular Front Knifes Brazil Teachers Strike
  • Mass Upheaval Rocks Argentina, 
  • Brazilian Workers Under Attack
  • Battle Escalates for Mumia Abu-Jamals Freedom
  • India-Pakistan: For Workers Revolution Against the Chauvinist Warmongers!
  • India: Build Working-Class Defense Guards 
  • to Fight Against Communalist/Fascist Barbarism!
  • Imperialists' Terror War Spreads
  • Netherlands: Fortuyn Death Cements All-Party Anti-Immigrant Front
  • Fascism, Bonapartism and Police Terror in Italy
  • France 1935-2002: Popular Front Opens the Door to Fascist Reaction
  • Racist War Elections in France
  • French El;ections: Beware of Bourgeois Saviors of the Nation!
  • How ICL Turns French Fascists Into Ballot-Box Rightists
  • France: National Front and the Capitalist Drive for a “Strong State”

Defend the Palestinian People – Defeat Israel’s Genocidal Blitzkrieg!
Drive Zionist Army/Settlers Out of the Occupied Territories! For Arab/Hebrew Workers Revolution!
Defend Afghanistan, Iraq Against Imperialist Attack! U.S./NATO Out of the Near East and Central/South Asia!
The Israeli government has launched a genocidal war against the Palestinians. Its purpose is to “decapitate” the Palestinian Authority, kill thousands of those who oppose Israel’s brutal rule, and “ethnically cleanse” key areas of the West Bank and Gaza by driving out tens of thousands of Palestinians. The Zionist leadership has received a green light from the United States government to carry out this terrorist war. The U.S. and its NATO allies meanwhile are keeping Afghanistan under the iron heel of occupation as they prepare a new war against Iraq. The League for the Fourth International issues an urgent call to defend the Palestinian people against the Zionist “final solution”! Drive the Zionist occupiers out of the West Bank and Gaza – Bring down the Zionist state through Arab/Hebrew workers revolution, in a socialist federation of the Near East! Defend Afghanistan and Iraq against imperialist occupation and attack! Defeat imperialism through international socialist revolution!  Defeat Israel's genocidal Blitzkrieg! (30 March 2002)

India-Pakistan: For Workers Revolution Against the Chauvinist Warmongers!
As the U.S. and NATO terror-bomb Afghanistan in the name of fighting “terrorism,” the two regional capitalist powers (India and Pakistan) which signed onto the imperialist war drive are at each other’s throats. More than one million Indian and Pakistani troops have been mobilized to the frontier. The immediate object of the dispute is the predominantly Muslim land of Kashmir, which has been divided since the 1947 partition of the Indian subcontinent by the departing British colonialists. Today a fourth India-Pakistan war could escalate to a nuclear conflagration killing millions. We print here an article by Revolutionary Fourth International, a small group of Indian Trotskyists in Calcutta that sympathizes with the League for the Fourth International. The RFI calls for revolutionary defeatism on both sides in this new India-Pakistan conflict, while defending the right of self-determination for Kashmir and all the oppressed peoples of the region and fighting for a socialist federation of South Asia.  For Workers Revolution Against the Warmongers (March 2002)

Build Working-Class Defense Guards to Fight Against Communalist/Fascist Barbarism!
Since the end of February there has been a wave of communalist attacks beginning in the north Indian state of Gujarat which have killed more than 1,000 people, mainly Muslims. These are not just the Hindu-Muslim riots of the past but full-fledged pogroms organized by fascistic Hindu communalists and outright fascist terror squads like the RSS. While opportunists call on the capitalist government to protect the victims, the fact is that police have stood by and even participated in the slaughter. The Revolutinary Fourth International calls for workers defense guards based on the working class and laboring masses in various religious communities to combat the pogromists.  Workers Defense Guards Against Communalist Terror (March 2002)

Fascists, Conservatives and Reformists Vote for Police-State Laws
National Front At Forefront of Capitalist Drive Toward “Strong State” in France
Break with the Popular Front! Build a Trotskyist Party to Lead the Struggle for International Workers Revolution!
The presence of Jean-Marie Le Pen, Führer of the National Front (FN), in the run-off round of the French presidential elections stunned France and sent shock waves around Europe.  The reformists, from the Socialist and Communist parties to the “far left,” channeled outrage against the fascists into support for the corrupt conservative president Jacques Chirac. Some call for outlawing the FN under laws that will be (and already have been) used to ban leftist and anti-colonialist parties. Others, including Lutte Ouvrière and the International Communist League pretend that the FN is merely an “electoral party.” This classic social-democratic conception sows deadly illusions. The National Front has a veritable private army, at the core of which are paramilitary units notorious for their racist attacks. In the 1995 FN campaign two immigrant youth were murdered by FN thugs. FN operatives run agencies supplying strikebreakers to French companies and mercenaries for French interests in Africa. The fight against the the drive toward a bonapartist “strong state” requires revolutionary mobilization of the working class to crush the fascists and break with the popular front of war and racism.   National Front at forefront of capitalist drive toward “strong state” in France (8 June 2002)

  • Fascism, bonapartism and police terror in Italy (June 2002)
  • In Centrist Drift Toward Lutte Ouvrière
    How ICL Turns French Fascists Into Ballot-Box Rightists 
    For decades the Spartacist tendency/International Communist League (ICL) held that France’s National Front (FN) was fascist. But over the last three years, the ICL has decided that Haider’s FPÖ in Austria, Fini’s AN in Italy and Le Pen’s FN in France are not fascist but “electoral parties. ” This is the policy of the bourgeoisie, which refers only to “ex-” and “post-”fascists. It is also the position of Lutte Ouvrière (LO), which has long claimed that the FN was just another right-wing party. The ICL’s sudden shift is one of a series of line changes on key questions as it has abandoned Trotskyism for centrist confusionism. Its offer of conditional “critical support” to LO reflected a growing political rapprochement. Neither LO nor the ICL call to defeat the imperialist war, neither call for independence for French and U.S. colonies, both justify a policy of left-talking abstention from the class struggle by blaming the backward consciousness of the workers. This perspective has led LO to play only a marginal role in the major upheavals by the French working class, notably in 1968. This underscores the need to forge an authentic Leninist-Trotskyist party. How ICL turns French fascists into ballot-box rightists (8 June 2002). 

    From Hindenberg to Chirac...
    French Elections: Beware of Bourgeois “Saviors of the Nation”!
    The main argument raised by the Stalinists and social-democrats to convince their ranks to vote for the reactionary Chirac is the refrain of “the Republic in danger.” In calling for a “Republican front” to justify voting for the candidate of the big bosses, they reproduce the reasoning of the German Social Democrats (SPD) who in 1932 called for a vote for Field Marshall von Hindenburg against Hitler. Yet less than a year after von Hindenburg was re-elected president, he brought in the Nazi Führer as prime minister.  A landslide victory for Chirac, the deputy and successor to General De Gaulle, will only feed his bonapartist appetites. Votes for bourgeois “democrats” are no barrier to the fascists, for they ultimately represent the same class interests. To stop Le Pen’s National Front and Hitler’s Nazis it is necessary to mobilize the power of workers to sweep the fascist vermin off the streets, opening the way to proletarian revolution.  French elections: beware of bourgeois ‘saviors of the nation’ (4 May 2002). 

    No to Chirac Le Pen! Sweep Away the Fascist Thugs 
    May 1! Boycott the Elections May 5! 
    France: The Popular Front Opens the Door to Fascist Reaction 
    Fight for Workers Revolution! 
    Build a Real Leninist-Trotskyist Party!
    After the results of the first round of the French presidential elections April 21, with the reactionary Chirac and the fascist Le Pen facing off in a second round May 5, an explosion of anger has swept through the country. Le Pen and his cohorts are not a “current of opinion” but the political front for racist shock troops of reaction who would annihilate immigrants, the left and labor. They must be crushed before it is too late. But all the parties of the popular front of the “plural left” (Socialists, Communists, Greens) and even the tame “far left” are calling directly or indirectly for a a vote for Chirac. The League for the Fourth International warns against this call for a “republican front” against the National Front. Chirac will implement much of the reactionary program of Le Pen. Voting for any candidate of a bourgeois party or class-collaborationist coalition will not stop the fascist menace. It is necessary to mobilize the power of the working class to boycott the electoral circus of the bourgeoisie and sweep away the fascist thugs of capital. Working people, immigrants and youth must say no to Chirac and Le Pen, and break with the reformist social-democrats and pseudo-communists who paved the way for this lurch to the right. France: Popular front paves the way for fascist reaction (26 April 2002) 

    Women’s Liberation Through Socialist Revolution!
    On International Women’s Day 2002, in the midst of the terrorist “war against terrorism” launched by U.S. imperialism and its NATO allies, women around the world are under attack. U.S. war propagandists use the hideous oppression of women under the Islamic-fundamentalist Taliban regime to justify the Pentagon’s indiscriminate bombing which has killed more than 4,000 civilians in Afghanistan. Yet the Islamic-fundamentalist regime installed by Washington and led by the same bloody warlords who were the CIA’s terrorist “holy warriors” against the Soviet-backed Kabul government in the 1980s continues to violently enforce the oppression of women. Women's Liberation Through Socialist Revolution!   (8 March 2002) 

    Nigerian Woman Sentenced to Death for “Adultery” 
    Stop the Execution of Safiya Hussain, Free Her Now!
    Over the last several years, the discontent of the impoverished masses of Nigeria, Africa’s largest country is being diverted into religious and ethnic strife, provoking riots that have left hundreds dead since last September. In the midst of the communal bloodletting, last October a 35-year-old nursing mother, Safiya Hussain, was sentenced by an Islamic court in the state of Sokoto to death by stoning for the supposed “crime” of adultery. The only proof against Safiya is that she is unmarried and pregnant. In Nigeria the court which decreed the death of Safiya Hussain did so on the basis of the Sharia, the medieval Islamic legal code. In the U.S., the racist death penalty in the U.S. is legal lynching, and is in fact a product of slavery and Jim Crow segregation. Reactionary Islamic family codes in Africa and murderous attacks on abortion providers by Christian fundamentalists in the U.S. will only be abolished through international socialist revolution. Stop the Execution of Safiya Hussain!   (8 March 2002) 

    From Protest to the Struggle for Proletarian Power
    Mass Upheaval Rocks Argentina,
    Brazilian Workers Movement Under Attack 

    Not Populist Appeals Against “Neo-Liberalism”
    But Workers Revolution to Bring Down Capitalism!
    After four years of wrenching economic crisis, hundreds of highway blockades by thousands of unemployed workers and eight general strikes, while starving people emptied supermarkets of food, in late December the fury of the devastated Argentine middle class boiled over. In the face of a state of siege, with demonstrations of banging pots and pans (cacerolazos), the population of Buenos Aires brought down four presidents in two weeks. The shock waves of the social convulsions in Argentina have spread to Brazil and throughout the world. The Argentine crisis has opened a potentially revolutionary situation. The big factor missing is a revolutionary leadership capable of organizing and leading the struggles of the exploited and oppressed to the taking of power by the proletariat.  Mass upheaval rocks Argentina   (January 2002)

    U.S./NATO Out of Afghanistan and Central Asia!
    Imperialists’ Terror War Spreads

  • Next Up: Philippines, Iraq, Somalia…? 
  • Revolutionary Defeatism on All Sides in an India-Pakistan War!
  • For International Socialist Revolution!
  • Washington triumphantly proclaimed the victory of its “new war” after its warllord allies of the Northern Alliance took Kabul in five weeks. But the imperialists’ Blitzkrieg-like “victory” will only bring further suffering to the Afghan peoples while setting the stage for more war around the globe. As U.S. forces direct “mopping-up” operations in the countryside,  and a British-led NATO “peacekeeping” force patrols Kabul, it’s clear that Western occupation forces won’t be exiting Afghanistan any time soon. One gang of Islamic fundamentalists has replaced another, and Afghan women are still imprisoned in the head-to-toe burqa. Class-conscious workers throughout the world must fight to defeat the imperialists and defend Afghanistan, Iraq and any other country targeted by the U.S./NATO war.   Imperialists terror war spreads   (January 2002)

    Federal Judge Upholds Frame-Up Conviction, 
    Orders New Hearing on Death Sentence
    Battle Escalates for Jamal’s Freedom
    Mobilize Workers Power to Free Mumia Now!
    The case of Mumia Abu-Jamal, the former Black Panther and crusading journalist, framed-up and sitting on Pennsylvania’s death row for the past 20 years row sums up the racist essence of American bourgeois “justice.” On December 18 a federal judge for the first time declared that the death sentence against Jamal was the product of judicial misconduct. Yet his narrow decision accepted only the most limited point raised in Jamal’s appeal, while dismissing out of hand the other 28 issues raised, as well as endorsing Jamal's frame-up conviction and refusing to hear dramatic new evidence of his innocence . The Internationalist Group and League for the Fourth International warn: this ruling does not lift the threat of Mumia’s execution. It must spur efforts to mobilize the working class and the oppressed to free this courageous fighter against injustice from the claws of the capitalist state that seeks to silence his powerful “voice of the voiceless” forever. Battle escalates for Jamal's freedom   (9 January 2002)

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