internationalist no. 3  
No. 3, September-October 1997 

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Congo: Neo-Colonialism Made in U.S.A. 
Kabila Army – Genocidal Mass Murder of Rwandan Hutu Refugees
Debate in South African Left: In Defense of the Dictatorship of the Proletariat
Mark Twain and the Onset of the Imperialist Period
U.S. Was Godfather of Colonial Enslavement of the Congo
Teamsters Strike Against UPS: All Out to Win This Fight!
Brazil: Crisis of the Capitalist State
Mexico: Cárdenas Popular Front Chains Workers to Capitalism
Cárdenas and the Generals
Mexico: To Fight the Popular Front, You Have to Recognize that it Exists
LQB: Once Again on the ICL's Campaign of Defamation
IG: ICL Leaders Escalate Smear Campaign Against Brazilian Militants
Letters to the ICL From Members of the LQB
Outrage! NYPD Torture of Haitian Immigrant

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