No. 9, January-February 2001 
internationalist no. 9

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  • Bourgeois Election Fiasco U.S.A.
  • 1876
  • Workers Revolution Will Avenge Sankofa! Free Mumia Abu-Jamal!
  • Zionism, Imperialism and Anti-Semitism
  • Zionist Complicity in the Destruction of Hungarian Jewry
  • Zionist Terror and the "Ingathering" of Iraqi Jews
  • Arab/Hebrew Workers' Struggles Before the Birth of Israel
  • "Anti-Imperialist United Front" ...with the Mufti of Jerusalem
  • Egypt: Stalinism Against Arab Workers' Struggles
  • Mexico: Down with the PRI/PAN/PRD!
  • U.S.: Break with All the Capitalist Parties - Forge a Revolutionary Workers Party!
  • Trotskyists Fight for Class-Struggle Program at Brazil Labor Congress
  • Popular Front in Brazil Steel Town Goes After Reds
  • "Human Rights Imperialism" and the Congo Holocaust

Defend the Palestinian People!
For an Arab/Hebrew Workers Republic in a
Socialist Federation of the Near East!
Thousands of Palestinian youths daily confront the Israeli  murderers. The Zionist state engages in large-scale assassination. Barak sends tanks against children, Israeli army sharpshooters shoot to kill youth holding stones, helicopter gunships fire on Palestinian cars and homes. Now Sharon, the butcher of Sabra and Shatila, is at the helm. The new intifada (uprising) led by Arab youth is a courageous act of defiance by those who have nothing to lose. Class-conscious workers around the world must demand that Israel get out of all the Occupied Territories. But a Palestinian pseudo-state in the West Bank and Gaza presided over by Arafat would be no more than a glorified ghetto to imprison the Palestinian people. The League for the Fourth International fights for Arab/Hebrew workers revolution and a socialist federation of the Near East.  Defend the Palestinian People! (February 2001) 

Stay Tuned – New ICL Line Change Coming
Stalinists Led the Counterrevolution?
ICL Between Shachtman and Trotsky
Key Issue in East Europe and USSR Yesterday,
China, Cuba, North Korea and Vietnam Today
In expelling long-time leading comrades in 1996, the International Communist League proclaimed that the Stalinists led the counterrevolution in East Germany. The Internationalist Group exposed the ICL's revisionism, which directly contradicts Trotsky's analysis of the Stalinist bureaucracy. After four years of pushing the line of Stalinist-led counterrevolution, suddenly the ICL is revising the revision. Caught between Shachtman and Trotsky, the ICL's zigzags deepen its centrist course.   ICL Between Shachtman and Trotsky (21 August 2000) 

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