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For Arab/Hebrew Workers Revolution

Biden, Sanders, Democrats Arm Zionist Butchers
Defend the Palestinians Against Israeli War 
For Arab-Hebrew Workers Revolution!

The storming of the al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem by hundreds of Israeli police on May 10 was the opening shot of renewed Zionist war on the Palestinian Arab people. While the imperialist media talk of military conflict between Israel and Hamas in the besieged enclave of Gaza, the reality is a one-sided slaughter of Palestinians by the Israeli war machine. Added to this is the terror unleashed by Zionist-fascist vigilantes against Palestinians in Israeli cities of mixed Arab and Jewish population. Meanwhile, the Democratic Party of U.S. imperialism has provided the weapons Israel uses to rain death on the Palestinian people. The horrific images – of apartment buildings in Gaza flattened by bombs, of a father staring at his dead children in a morgue, of an Arab being lynched by Jewish pogromists – have set off protests of tens of thousands worldwide. In the face of the new outbreak of the unending Zionist war, the Internationalist Group and League for the Fourth International call to defend the oppressed Palestinian people, to drive the Israeli army and all Zionist settlers out of occupied Palestinian territory,  for labor action against the Zionist/imperialist war on Palestinians, and for an Arab-Hebrew Palestinian workers state, as part of a region-wide socialist federation of the Near East. Defend the Palestinians Against Israeli War  – For Arab-Hebrew Workers Revolution! (18 May 2021)
The Birth of the Zionist State, Part 1 (November 1973)
The Birth of the Zionist State, Part 2 (May 1974)
Hail 75th Anniversary of Soviet Army Liberation of Auschwitz
Expel Zionist Occupiers from the West Bank –
Defend Gaza, the New Warsaw Ghetto

No to Trump/Israel West Bank Annexation Plan!

On January 28, U.S. president Donald Trump unveiled his phony Middle East “peace” plan in a joint appearance at the White House with Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu. This is actually a plan to escalate the imperialist-backed Zionist war on the Palestinians by annexing the Israeli-occupied West Bank. It is a naked Zionist land grab to crush and humiliate the Palestinians. All “two-state” plans that have been floated since the Israeli army’s conquest of the West Bank and Gaza in the 1967 war have been frauds to the extent that they made any pretense of fulfilling the rights of the Palestinian Arab population under the boot of Zionist occupation. Trump’s “vision” is the most cynical of all. But while opposition politicians in both countries criticize its timing and ostentatiously one-sided nature, many of these same Democrats and “moderate” Zionists support the basic elements of the “deal.” Zionists of all stripes and their imperialist patrons are for imposing indefinite Israeli control of the West Bank. Against this the League for the Fourth International calls to drive the Zionist occupiers out of the West Bank, and for an Arab/Hebrew Palestinian workers state in a socialist federation of the Near East. No to Trump/Israel West Bank Annexation Plan! (2 February 2020)

Defend Syria and Iran Against Imperialist Attack!
Regional War Looms in the Middle East
For an Arab/Hebrew Palestinian Workers State in a Socialist Federation of the Middle East!

As illusions of “peace” spread over the Korean peninsula as a result of a vague agreement reached by U.S. president Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un at a summit in Singapore, the stage is being set for regional war in the Middle East. On May 8, Donald Trump withdrew from the so-called Iran nuclear deal, cementing an alliance with the Zionist militarists and Saudi war hawks. Three weeks earlier, the U.S. and its NATO partners Britain and France launched a missile attack on Syria, based on phony allegations of chemical weapons use by the Assad regime. Then on May 14, the U.S. relocated its embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, a brazen provocation against the Palestinian people. Simultaneously, Israeli Army snipers were picking off peaceful protesters inside Gaza, killing at least 129 and leaving thousands wounded. And in Yemen a mass slaughter of civilians by the U.S.-backed Saudi/Gulf monarchist invaders looms. The League for the Fourth International calls to defend Syria and Iran against imperialist attack, upholding Iran’s right to develop nuclear power and obtain nuclear or any other kind of weapons to defend against the Israeli and U.S. warmongers with their massive nuclear arsenals. To break the death grip of imperialism, Zionism and Islamism, the League for the Fourth International calls workers revolution throughout the region. Regional War Looms in the Middle East (28 June 2018)

Defend Leftist Lecturer Eleonora Roldán Mendívil!
Germany: Anti-Palestinian Witch Hunt Targets
Leftist and Jewish Activists

In recent months, there have been several incidents of persecution of Jewish and leftist groups and individuals in Berlin, Germany for their pro-Palestinian views. The attackers range from right-wing German nationalists to the peculiar self-described (and grossly mislabeled) “Anti-Germans.” A case of anti-Palestinian censorship that gained international attention is the exclusion of Free University lecturer Eleonora Roldán Mendívil, who taught a class on “Racism under Capitalism.” University authorities canceled her teaching contract after rightist German nationalists slanderously accused her of anti-Semitism. This entire campaign is a Zionist witch hunt against a leftist, and goes hand-in-hand with attacks on Jewish and Israeli civil rights and gay rights activists. Trotskyists defend the proponents of boycotts, divestment and sanctions against right-wing and Zionist attacks and censorship. But rather than looking to the imperialists, we call for international workers action in defense of the Palestinian people, and for Hebrew/Arab workers revolution. Germany: Anti-Palestinian Witch Hunt Targets Leftist and Jewish Activists (22 March 2017)     
“Anti-German” Witch-Hunters Support Zionism and German Imperialism (22 March 2017
Defeat Israel / U.S. War – For Workers Action Against Zionist Slaughter
Defend Gaza and the Palestinian People –
For Arab-Hebrew Workers Revolution!

All Settlers Out of the West Bank!
From Egypt to Turkey, Fight for Workers Revolution!

Every two years since Israel’s rulers “disengaged” from Gaza in late 2005, the Israeli military has launched a murderous attack on the 1.8 million Palestinians confined in this narrow strip along the Mediterranean. As of July 29, over 1,200 Palestinians had been killed, three-quarters of them non-combatants and at least 250 children. This is a war to terrorize the Arab population, but it has not worked. Trotskyists call to defend Gaza against the Zionist onslaught while fighting for an Arab-Hebrew Palestinian workers state. Israel is neither a “colonial-settler state” nor an “apartheid state,” but a client state and junior partner of imperialism which seeks to expel the Palestinian population. Calls for “boycotts, divestment and sanctions” (BDS) are at bottom appeals to the imperialists and will not bring down Zionist rule. Instead, we call for international workers solidarity action pointing to workers revolution throughout the region. Defend Gaza and the Palestinian People – For Arab-Hebrew Workers Revolution! (29 July 2014) 

For International Workers Action to Defeat Israeli Assault/Occupation!
Zionist Mass Murderers Strike Again: Defend Gaza!
U.S./NATO Imperialists, Israeli Zionists and Arab Islamists: Hands Off Syria!
Defend the Palestinian People – For an Arab/Hebrew Workers State in a Socialist Federation of the Near East

As soon as the U.S. elections were over, the Zionist Israeli governmentlaunched a rain of death against the beleaguered Palestinian population of Gaza.  If U.S. president Barack Obama began his re-election campaign with the murder of Osama bin Laden, Israel's war criminal premier Benjamin Netanyahu launched his campaign for the January 2013 elections by the terrorist assassination of Ahmed al-Jabari, the head of the al-Qassam Brigades, the military arm of Hamas. This was accompanied by a full-scale barrage of indiscriminate aerial bombing, that killed dozens of Palestinians. Meanwhile in Egypt, while Cairo masses denounce the Israeli terror bombing, the Muslim Brotherhood government is calling for a ceasefire while continuing to keep Palestinians locked up in the tiny Gaza Strip. The attack on Gaza is a prelude to a wider Middle East War. We demand: imperialists, Zionists and Islamists, Hands off Syria. Smash imperialism and Zionism through international socialist revolution. Zionist Mass Murderers Strike Again: Defend Gaza! (17 November 2012)

For International Workers Solidarity Action to Defend the Palestinians
Oakland Picket Blocks Israeli Ship!
On June 20, mass pickets blocked the unloading of an Israeli ZIM Lines ship at the Port of Oakland (California) to protest the May 31 Israeli massacre of activists aboard a flotilla carrying humanitarian aid to Gaza. More than 800 demonstrators showed up before dawn for the day shift picket, and hundreds returned to block an evening shift, which was called off. So the picketers succeeded in blocking the unloading of the Zim Lines freighter for 24 hours – the first time an Israeli ship has been blocked in a U.S. port. The picket was called by labor and community groups and built by the San Francisco and Alameda County Labor Councils, who condemned the Israeli attack and sent out notices urging Bay Area unionists to join the lines. A message from the Palestinian General Federation of Trade Unions said that the Oakland dock action was “something we have longed for and expected,” recalling the 1984 boycott of a South African ship on the Oakland docks which spurred international solidarity with the struggle against apartheid. The June picket must be a spur to further workers solidarity action against the murderous Zionist regime. Oakland Picket Blocks Israeli Ship!  (21 June 2010)

For International Workers Solidarity Action –
Defeat Israeli/U.S. War on Palestinians!

Israel’s Gaza Flotilla Massacre: Bloody War Provocation
Israel's seizure of a flotilla bearing humanitarian aid to Gaza on May 31 and the Zionist commandos'cold-blooded executions of at least nine activists aboard one of the ships provoked outrage around the world. This was state terrorism. While European governments made mild criticisms of Israel and its four-year-old blockade of Gaza, the main concern of the Obama administration in Washington was to prevent a U.N. resolution blaming Israel. Many protesters are calling for boycott, divestment and sanctions against Israel, harking back to the campaign against apartheid South Africa. But impotent consumer boycotts of Israeli products, calling on businesses not to invest in Israel and for imperialist sanctions will not stop the Zionist mass murderers, nor did they stop the South African apartheid regime. Rather than looking to the capitalists and imperialists, Trotskyists call today on the workers movement to boycott cargo, ships and planes to and from Israel. Boycotts have been called by South African, Swedish and Norwegian dock workers unions and a picket is planned in the port of Oakland,California. Israel’s Gaza Flotilla Massacre: Bloody War Provocation  (17 June 2010)

Defend the Palestinian People and Lebanese Shiites!
Israel Launches Regional War on the Road to World War III
Drive the Zionists Out of the Occupied Territories!
Drive the U.S. Imperialists Out of Iraq and All the Near East!

On July 14, Israel began a full-scale assault on Lebanon, bombing targets, military and civilian, throughout the country. Particularly hard-hit in the Israeli onslaught against Lebanon have been the Shiite Muslim communities where the Islamic organization Hezbollah is strong. There, the Israeli air force is massacring the civilian population, including many children, killing whole families in their homes, bombing refugee columns. Whatever the pretext used by Israel to justify its aggression, the international workers movement must stand squarely for defense of the Palestinian people and Lebanese Shiite population under attack, and for the defeat of the Israeli assault. The current invasion of Lebanon is part of an overall plan by the Zionist expansionists to unilaterally redraw the borders of the Near East and could easily engulf the entire region in the flames of war. Trotskyists defend the Palestinian people and Shiite population and stand with those resisting the Zionist occupiers, while calling for an Arab/Hebrew workers state in a socialist federation of the Near East. Israel Launches Regional War on the Road to World War III  (21 July 2006) 

Defend the Palestinian People – 
Defeat Israel’s Genocidal Blitzkrieg!

Drive Zionist Army/Settlers Out of the Occupied Territories!
For Arab/Hebrew Workers Revolution!

Defend Afghanistan, Iraq Against Imperialist Attack!
U.S./NATO Out of the Near East and Central/South Asia!

The Israeli government has launched a genocidal war against the Palestinians. Its purpose is to “decapitate” the Palestinian Authority, kill thousands of those who oppose Israel’s brutal rule, and “ethnically cleanse” key areas of the West Bank and Gaza by driving out tens of thousands of Palestinians. The Zionist leadership has received a green light from the United States government to carry out this terrorist war. The U.S. and its NATO allies meanwhile are keeping Afghanistan under the iron heel of occupation as they prepare a new war against Iraq. The League for the Fourth International issues an urgent call to defend the Palestinian people against the Zionist “final solution”! Drive the Zionist occupiers out of the West Bank and Gaza – Bring down the Zionist state through Arab/Hebrew workers revolution, in a socialist federation of the Near East! Defend Afghanistan and Iraq against imperialist occupation and attack! Defeat imperialism through international socialist revolution!  Defeat Israel's genocidal Blitzkrieg! (30 March 2002)

Defend the Palestinian People
Israeli Rulers Prepare All-Out War
Behind all the talk of non-existent cease-fires, the sudden trips by top U.S. officials to the Near East and Israeli calls to “remove” (assassinate) Yasir Arafat lies the fact that the Zionist leaders are systematically gearing up to launch a full-scale attack on Arafat’s Palestinian Authority (PA). The PA was the make-believe government set up in the Occupied Territories by the 1993 Oslo “peace” accord in order to police the Arab masses and put an end to the first intifada (uprising). The whole Oslo “peace” fraud was a product of the U.S.-dominated New World Order in the aftermath of the collapse of the Soviet Union. The idea that the NATO chiefs who bombed Belgrade and Baghdad could or would somehow pressure Israeli warmongers into making concessions is a dangerous illusion. Class-conscious working people around the world must defend the oppressed Palestinian people against the Zionist oppressors, all the more so in an outright war. Trotskyists look to the international working class to defend the Palestinian Arab people whose rights and lives have been trampled on by the Zionists’ jackboot. Defeats for imperialism around the world will have a direct impact in the area. A proletarian upheaval against the decrepit Arab regimes anywhere in the Near East would directly threaten both the Zionists and the Arab puppets of imperialism. Israeli Rulers Prepare All-Out War (Summer 2001)

The Fight for Trotskyism in Palestine
Document of the Revolutionary Communist League, reprinted from Fourth International May 1948. Against the Stream (Summer 2001)

Defend the Palestinian People!
For an Arab/Hebrew Workers Republic in a Socialist Federation of the Near East!

Thousands of Palestinian youths daily confront the Israeli  murderers. The Zionist state engages in large-scale assassination. Barak sends tanks against children, Israeli army sharpshooters shoot to kill youth holding stones, helicopter gunships fire on Palestinian cars and homes. Now Sharon, the butcher of Sabra and Shatila, is at the helm. The new intifada (uprising) led by Arab youth is a courageous act of defiance by those who have nothing to lose. Class-conscious workers around the world must demand that Israel get out of all the Occupied Territories. But a Palestinian pseudo-state in the West Bank and Gaza presided over by Arafat would be no more than a glorified ghetto to imprison the Palestinian people. The League for the Fourth International fights for Arab/Hebrew workers revolution and a socialist federation of the Near East.  Defend the Palestinian People! (February 2001)
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