Revolution No. 3    
No. 3, November 2005

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Newspaper of CUNY students from the Revolutionary Reconstruction Club and Internationalist Clubs, for the program of Marx, Lenin and Trotsky, published in accord with the Internationalist Group, U.S. section of the League for the Fourth International

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Outrage at CUNY Over Frame-Up Verdict
Miguel Malo Is Innocent!
After four years, more than 50 court appearances and two trials, on October 24 Miguel Malo was convicted in Bronx Criminal Court on trumped-up charges of “reckless assault” and disorderly conduct. Miguel was arrested in August 2001 for holding up a sign protesting cuts and fee hikes in bilingual and English as a second language (ESL) programs. He was falsely accused of assaulting campus “peace officers” who in fact brutally assaulted him. The CUNY Internationalist Clubs and the Internationalist Group have played a leading role in defending Miguel. His persecution is a sign of worse to come at the City University of New York (CUNY), while the fight to defend him is one of most important struggles against an escalating crackdown on campuses nationwide amid the imperialist war on Iraq and Afghanistan.  Miguel Malo Is Innocent  (November 2005) 

See also: The Frame-Up of Miguel Malo (Special Dossier December 2005)

NYU & CUNY: Strike to Win!
On strike, shut it down, New York is a union town,” chant enthusiastic pickets in front of New York University in downtown Manhattan. NYU is the largest private university in the United States. Since November 9, graduate students there – who do much of the teaching and grading – have been on strike for basic union rights. They have been joined on the strike lines by members of many other unions, including professors and adjuncts from the City University of New York. CUNY is the country’s largest urban public university, and its teaching staff has been working without a contract for three years. A strike at CUNY would face the Taylor Law banning public employee strikes in the state of New York. A joint strike by NYU and CUNY that brings in thousands of students and mobilizes real workers power to shut down the campuses is what’s needed to defeat the arrogant administrations at both universities.  NYU & CUNY: Strike to Win!  (22 November 2005) 

Withchhunters Target “The Unpatriotic University”
Battle Over Public Higher Education
The Fight to Keep Hostos Open
Government and “Minutemen” Step Up Anti-Immigrant Attacks
Hunter Internationalist Club Nails Ferrer for Saying Diallo Murder “Not a Crime”
Militant Protest Sinks BMCC “Homeland Security” Program
A firestorm of protest by students and faculty at the Borough of Manhattan Community College defeated an ominous Homeland Security program that campus administrators sought to sneak in. Planned courses included interrogation techniques and technology for surveillance. The sinister program was dropped because of the campaign of protest and exposure initiated by the CUNY Internationalist Clubs last fall.  Militant Protest Sinks BMCC “Homeland Security” Program  (25 March 2005) 

Bronx Community College Students Drive Out Military Recruiters
Opposition to military recruiters at Bronx Community College is building, and over the space of a month, students led by the Revolutionary Reconstruction Club were able to drive them of campus.  Bronx Community College Students Drive Out Military Recruiters (25 March 2005)

Trotskyist Youth at Venezuela Festival
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