internationalist no. 5  
No. 5, April-May 1998 

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Declaration of the League for the Fourth International: "Reforge the Fourth International!"
In Defense of the Transitional Program
Crisis in the ICLea
Permanent Revolution Faction statement, "Communism Lives"
Permanent Revolution Faction: Declaration of International Faction
Once Again on the Permanent Revolution
Letter to the Comrades of the International
ICL Seeks to Sabotage Defense of Brazilian Trotskyist Workers
CLC Bulletin No. 2, "Against any Kind of 'Union Tax'"
CLC Bulletin No. 4, "The Persecution Continues"
Denounce Ninth Courth Action Against Brazilian Trotskyist Workers! 
Defend Iraq Against U.S. Imperialist Attack
CLC Resolution for Workers Action Against Imperialist Aggression
So How About El Salvador Popular Front?
SL Rejects Calls for Labor Strikes Against War Moves
France: Racist State Terror from World War II to Today
ICL Takes Slander Campaign to Brazilian Labor Congress
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