internationalist no. 8                                          
No. 8, June 2000

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Police-State Repression From Seattle to D.C.
Fight for Socialist Revolution to Sweep Away Imperialism!
Not Nationalist Protectionism vs. "Globalization"
Mass protests against the World Trade Organization in Seattle late last year and against the World Bank and International Monetary Fund in Washington, D.C. in mid-April were met by massive police force and mass arrests. While fighting the police-state repression, Trotskyists warn that behind the "progressive" rhetoric of the demonstration organizers is a program of chauvinist national protectionism. The "AFL-CIA" labor lieutenants of U.S. imperialism and the Democratic (Party) Socialists of America play a key role in tying protesters to capitalism, even allying with fascistic "America firsters" like Pat Buchanan. Police-State Repression from Seattle to D.C. (June 2000) 

Puerto Rican Labor: Shut Down All U.S. Bases!
Navy Get the Hell Out of Vieques Now!
Independence for Puerto Rico!

In a pre-dawn raid on May 4, federal agents arrested more than 200 resisters occupying the United States Navy’s bombing range on the island of Vieques, off Puerto Rico. This brought to the boiling point the massive discontent over the American military’s high-handed contempt for the population of this Caribbean island colony. Trotskyists call for working-class mobilization to demand all U.S. bases out, independence for Puerto Rico, defense of Cuba against imperialism and counterrevolution and a voluntary socialist federation of the Caribbean.  U.S. Navy Get the Hell Out of Vieques Now! (5 May 2000)

LQB Spokesman Cerezo Fired for Leading Resistance
Brazilian Steel Company Assault on Six-Hour Day
On April 14 Brazilian bosses dealt a blow to the working class, ramming through a vote to end the six-hour day at CSN, Latin America’s largest steel plant. The six-hour day was won in the 1988 steel strike, when the workers of Volta Redonda refused to back down in the face of the army’s occupation of the plant and murder of three strikers. Barely an hour after the polls closed, as vote counting was underway, CSN bosses peremptorily fired our comrade Cerezo from the plant for his leading role in the fight to defend the six-hour day.  Brazil Steel Company Assault on 6-Hour Day (23 April 2000) 

Military Scandal Reveals
Army Death List Targeted Brazilian Worker Militants
Revelations in the Brazilian press have brought to light that in the 1990 strike at Volta Redonda's CSN steel plant, the army had prepared a list of seven workers,  “individuals who stand out for their radical positions,” who were slated for “capture and neutralization.” This was a death list. The year before, the same officers ordered and carried out the bombing of the memorial to the three workers killed in the 1988 strike. Prominent among the strike leaders to be “immediately neutralized” was Cerezo, spokesman of the Liga Quarta-Internacionalista do Brasil. Fired as a result of the 1990 strike, he won his job back recently after a ten-year fight, only to be fired again for leading resistance to elimination of the six-hour day. In an interview with The Internationalist, Cerezo recounts the lessons of the 1990 strike and the central fight against the capitalist state.  Army Death List Targeted Worker Militants  (23 April 2000) 

Brazilian Workers Mobilize for Freedom for  Mumia Abu-Jamal
Over the last month Brazilian workers have undertaken a series of strikes and demonstrations that have begun to translate calls for freedom for death row political prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamal into labor action. A November 10 work stoppage by the CUT labor federation of the state of Rio de Janeiro made freedom for the renowned U.S. black journalist one of its demands. On November 22, a labor-centered march in Rio for the "Day of Black Conscioiusness" also raised the call to free Mumia as one of its key demands, as did a strike by bank workers two days later. On December 7, Rio teachers struck for half a day, including among their demands freedom for Jamal. This shows the potential to mobilize powerful working-class action to free Mumia and block the capitalist state murder machinery.  Brazilian Workers Mobilize for  Freedom for Mumia Abu-Jamal (9 December 1999) 

Mad Dog Racist Mayor and Kill-Crazy NYPD Enforce Capitalist Rule
New Ecuadorian Government: Made in U.S.A.
Sinister Fascist Haider Behind Rightist Government in Austria
Social-Democratic Blinders: Pseudo-Trotskyists on Haider
Mexico: The UNAM Strike and the Fight for Workers Revolution
El Mexe: Rebellion in Hidalgo
UNAM Strike: Worker-Student Defense Guards Formed
ICL on Puerto Rico: Lies in the Service of Social Chauvinism
KKK Besieged by 8,000 Angry Protesters in New York
ILWU West Coast Port Shutdown Showed Labor's Power in Fight to Free Mumia
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