Revolution No. 2    
No. 2 October 2004

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Newspaper of CUNY students from the Revolutionary Reconstruction Club and Internationalist Clubs, for the program of Marx, Lenin and Trotsky, published in accord with the Internationalist Group, U.S. section of the League for the Fourth International

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Democrats, Republicans: Pro-War, Anti-Worker, Anti-Immigrant
For a Revolutionary Workers Party!
Why We Need a Revolution
The presidential election race comes down to who would be the toughest boss of the world’s biggest Murder Inc., U.S. imperialism. The carefully scripted “debates” are dominated by the question of who has a better “plan” for subjugating Iraq. Both parties pledge to escalate the “war on terror,” which is really U.S. imperialism’s terrorist drive for world conquest. Both call for tighter Homeland Security repression “at home.” The USA Patriot Act was passed by both parties, in line with plans put in place long before 9/11. What is a real answer to Democrat-Republican “lesser of two evils” politics? Not Ralph Nader, who pushes chauvinist policies against “illegal” immigrants and calls to “return” to smaller-scale capitalism. Marx said, “Our politics must be working-class politics. The workers’ party must never be the tagtail of any bourgeois party; it must be independent and have its own policy.” The Internationalist Group calls for building a revolutionary party that represents the interests of the working class. The road to defeating imperialist wars, to ending racism and poverty, is not through bourgeois elections but only by building a revolutionary vanguard to lead the fight to sweep away the capitalist system of exploitation and oppression.  No to Bush, Kerry Nader: For a Revolutionary Workers Party!  (October 2004)  
Abu Ghraib 101 at BMCC?
“Fatherland Security” Hits CUNY
A sinister “Homeland Security” course with links to the Guantánamo prison camp, death squads, and the Israeli Mossad spy agency is in the works at the City University of New York’s Borough of Manhattan Community College. Presented to BMCC’s Faculty Council last May, the course is the keystone of a proposed Security Management Certificate Program. The BMCC program, which includes study of “interrogation techniques” and “technology for surveillance,” is part of a trend promoted by the Task Force on Homeland Security of the American Association of Community Colleges. A look at its activities, as well as the BMCC program’s advisory board, exposes a veritable rogue’s gallery of repression. Originally scheduled to begin in Fall 2004, the program will begin soon but is still “being developed,” according to officials at the lower Manhattan school. Now is the time for militant protests to stop it cold!   Fatherland Security Hits CUNY  (October 2004)  
“Guantánamo on the Hudson”
“Purge Tests,” CPE: Weapons of Mass Exclusion
Capitalist Nader’s “Socialist” Foot Soldiers
Ralph Nader entered the scene as a political factor when traditional liberals were losing control of the Democratic Party to Bill Clinton and his Democratic Leadership Council. Nader appealed to disenchanted liberals who felt abused by Clinton and Gore. He proclaimed that his goal was to pressure and push the Democrats.
Marxists fight to build a revolutionary workers party. Only a socialist revolution can get rid of war, racism and poverty. Reformists spread the illusion that capitalist politicians and the state apparatus they administer can be pressured into serving the oppressed. For groups such as the International Socialist Organization as well as Socialist Alternative and some others, this means being public relations people for Ralph Nader. But Nader is an anti-immigrant millionaire who proudly states his support for capitalism. So the ISO & Co. have to engage in false advertising....  Capitalist Nader’s “Socialist” Foot Soldiers  (October 2004) 
Iraqis Resist Colonial Occupation, Military Recruiters Try to Snare Students
Defend Miguel Malo!
Bloody Repression Against Oruro Campus Takeover
Solidarity with Bolivian Student Struggle!

Immigrant Restaurant Workers Fight “Inhuman Exploitation”
Trabajadores de restaurantes y delis de Nueva York
“Necesitamos concientizarnos para combatir la explotación”

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