internationalist no. 12

December 2001

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Hundreds Protest CUNY’s Racist Purge of Immigrant Students
Some 300 demonstrators came out to Hunter College in Manhattan on Wednesday evening, November 28, to protest the racist tuition hike targeting undocumented immigrant students at the City University of New York (CUNY). The rally also denounced the sinister “Student Data Collection System” pushed by the federal Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS). Both measures are part of the domestic front of the “global war” launched by Washington. Demonstrators chanted, “Is the Registrar’s Office a Branch of the INS?” and “Full Citizenship Rights for All Immigrants!” While the U.S. terror bombs Afghanistan, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) drags in thousands of Arab men for “voluntary” questioning and right-wing witchhunters draw up blacklists of “unpatriotic professors.” CUNY authorities are collaborating in the “war effort” by attacking their own students. The protest, initiated by the Internationalist Group, was a united front bringing together dozens of student groups, immigrant rights organizations, trade-unionists, socialist groups and others in a common action in defense of immigrant students. Hundreds Protest CUNY's Racist Purge of Immigrant Students  (November 2001)

Stop Racist Tuition Hike and “Student Data Collection System”!
Down with CUNY Anti-Immigrant “War Purge”!
(United-front leaflet for November 28 [2001] protest) The City University of New York has launched a purge of so-called “illegal immigrant students,” more than doubling their tuition to almost $7,000 a year – an amount guaranteed to drive most out of school. This is one of a series of assaults on democratic rights as part of the war on Afghanistan. A state senator from Queens ranted that allowing “illegal immigrants” to study at CUNY was a “national security” issue and “an insult to every citizen.” So now thousands of immigrant workers, their sons and daughters – who make up a huge percentage of the working people of New York – will be deliberately deprived of a chance at higher education. Meanwhile, the government has demanded and gotten over 200 universities to turn over information on foreign students to the FBI, INS and other agencies. The Internationalist Group has initiated a united-front protest for Wednesday, November 28 against this anti-immigrant witchhunt on campus. Down with CUNY’s anti-immigrant “war purge”!  (18 November 2001)

As U.S. Bombs Afghanistan – Witchhunting, Racial Profiling and Ethnic Cleansing on Campus
Mobilize Working-Class Power to  Defeat CUNY’s Anti-Immigrant “War Purge”!
Defeat U.S. Imperialism! Defend Afghanistan and Iraq! For Class War Against the Imperialist War! 
(Internationalist Group leaflet for November 28 protest) As the U.S. rains death on Afghanistan, Washington’s war also targets immigrants, minorities and labor in the U.S. Well over a thousand immigrants have been picked up in dragnets, while the White House decrees indefinite detention and military tribunals for “terrorism suspects.” The ordering of a “war purge” of undocumented immigrant students by the City University of New York (CUNY) is part and parcel of this wave of wartime repression. As with the “red scare” after World War I and McCarthyism after WWII, it is accompanied by witchhunting against antiwar academics. Today, the CUNY Registrar’s office acts as a branch of the migra. University authorities are racially profiling immigrants in order to ethnically cleanse CUNY. This cynical purge must be vigorously resisted and defeated, by mobilizing the power of the organized workers movement to defend the most vulnerable, demanding full citizenship rights for all immigrants.  The Internationalist Group undertook the struggle against the anti-immigrant purge as part of our program for class war against the imperialist warMobilize Working-Class Power to Defeat CUNYs “War Purge”  (28 November 2001)

The Infamous Purge Letter...And What It Means for Immigrant Students
Voices of Protest
(Excerpts from speeches at November 28 protest)
An Immigrant Student's Story
Smash Racist Purge of CUNY – Fight for Open Admissions, Free Tuition!
(From The Internationalist No. 7)
Striking Jersey Teachers Defy Anti-Labor Laws
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