Special Supplement, March 2000 
internationalist no. 8


    • Mexican Cops Launch All-Out Attack on UNAM Strike, Over 600 Arrested 
    • El Mexe: Rebellion in Hidalgo 
    • The UNAM Strike and the Fight for Workers Revolution 
    • Bourgeois Holy Alliance Against the UNAM Strike 
    • Mexico UNAM Strike: Mobilize Worker-Student Defense! 
    • UNAM Strike at the Crossroads: Mobilize the Working Class to Win! 
    • Worker-Student Defense Guards Formed 
    • Following Brutal Cop Attack: Defend, Extend the UNAM Strike! 
    • The Battle for UNAM: Student Strike Under Siege 
    • Mexico: For Workers Offensive to Smash the Capitalist Assault! 
    • Mobilize Working Class Action to Smash Terror Attacks on UNAM Strike! 
    • Mexican Student Strikers Demand Freedom Now for Mumia Abu-Jamal! 
    • Mexico City Cops Assault Student Protest at U.S. Embassy: 98 Arrested 
    • Workers Vanguard's "Virtual Reality" 
    • ICL/GEM Pull Their Hands Out of the Boiling Water

Mexico: All-Out Police Attack on UNAM 
Student Strike, Over 600 Arrested
In a dawn attack, on February 6 some 2,500 troops of Mexico's militarized Federal Police invaded the main campus of the National University (UNAM) where students have been on strike for almost ten months. Backed up by 500 Mexico City riot police, the cops arrested 640 strikers. Earlier in the week police and paid thugs staged a bloody provocation, storming a junior college and arresting more than 250. As earlier in the strike, the PRI government of President Ernesto Zedillo worked in close coordination with the Federal District government controlled by Cuauhtémoc Cárdenas' PRD. With close to 1,000 of the courageous student strikers in jail, powerful working-class mobilization is urgently needed against capitalist repression, in Mexico and internationally. Mexico: All-Out Cop Attack on UNAM Student Strike (6 February 2000) 

UNAM Strikers Demand Freedom for Mumia Abu-Jamal, 
Protest Seattle Repression
Mexico City Cops Assault Student 
Protest at U.S. Embassy
Cárdenas Popular Front: Goons for Washington
On December 11, Mexico City riot police brutally attacked a demonstration outside the United States embassy by striking students of the National University. The students were demanding freedom for death row prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamal and protesting against police-state repression of demonstrators against the World Trade Organization in Seattle. Cuauhtémoc Cárdenas, presidential candidate of the bourgeois-nationalist PRD, reassures Wall Street and Washington of his "reliability" as Mexico City cops under PRD orders bust students' heads.  Mexican City Cops Assault Protest at U.S. Embassy (21 December 1999) 

Workers Vanguard’s "Virtual Reality"
Who Are You Going to Believe, WV or Your Lying Eyes?
The Grupo Espartaquista de México, affiliated with the International Communist League, shamefully boycotted the December 11 demonstration outside the U.S. embassy. Now the ICL once again tries to cover up its abstentionism with fabrications that are easily shown to be false. See for yourself... Workers Vanguard's "Virtual Reality"  (26 December 1999) 

Kidnappings and Thug Assaults Against
Student Strikers, Leftists
Mobilize Working-Class Action to Smash Terror Attacks on Mexico UNAM Strike!
With the strike at Mexico's National University well into its sixth month, the ruling class is seeking to intimidate students into ending the occupation. It is urgently necessary to mobilize working-class action and a joint strike of the UNAM and key labor sectors to smash the state terror against the strikers.   State Terror Against Mexico UNAM Strike (7 October 1999) 

Key Fight Against the Capitalist Offensive
Mexico: The Battle for UNAM
Student Strike Under Siege
Break with the Cardenista Popular Front! 
Forge a Revolutionary Workers Party!
The explosive student strike at the National University of Mexico (UNAM) is a political struggle of the first order. With 270,000 students, UNAM is the largest university in Latin America. Fighting for free public higher education, the strike is opposed by all the bourgeois parties, including the ruling PRI and the nationalist PRD of Cuauhtémoc Cárdenas. It has been the target of threats by President Zedillo and attacks by porros (paid thugs). The spectre of a repeat of the 1968 army massacre hangs over the students. The Grupo Internacionalista has fought for a joint strike of UNAM students and workers, electrical workers and teachers, and initiating worker-student defense brigades. (24 August 1999) 
In two parts: 
Mexico: The Battle for UNAM, Part I
Mexico: The Battle for UNAM, Part II

Defend, Extend the UNAM Strike!
Cárdenas' Cops Assault Students
Break with the Cárdenas Popular Front!
On August 4 the Mexico City government of Cuauhtémoc Cárdenas unleashed a brutal police attack against striking students of the National University (UNAM). While various leftists have counted on  Cárdenas not to intervene, the Trotskyists have warned from the outset that the popular front would resort to violent repression if they could not undermine the strike from within.  Cárdenas' cops attack students (10 August 1999) 

In Face of Threats to UNAM Strike
Worker-Student Defense Guards Formed
As the strike at Mexico's National University (UNAM) entered its fourth month, the authorities broke off the phony "dialogue." Facing the danger of a police or army attack on the occupied campuses, worker-student defense brigades were formed, including several hundred members of the university workers union and the powerful Mexican Electrical Workers Union (SME). The Grupo Internacionalista played a key role in initiating the defense groups, an important development in the class struggle.  Mexico: worker-student defense guards formed  (19 July 1999) 

Bourgeois Parties Demand End to Occupation, 
Threaten Police Attack
Mexico UNAM Strike: 
Mobilize Worker-Student Defense! 
Since April 20, students at the Mexico's National University have occupied their campuses to protest a drastic fee hike that would exclude tens of thousands of poor and working-class students. In the face of opposition from all the capitalist parties, it is necessary to form worker-student guards to defend the strike, and to mobilize the working class in joint strike action to extend it. Trotskyists call to break with the Cárdenas popular front and forge a revolutionary workers party. Mexico UNAM strike leaflet  (23 June 1999) 

In Defense of Yugoslavia Against NATO Attack
Mexican Student Strike Sends Aid to Yugoslav Workers
On June 3, a meeting of the Consejo General de Huelga (Strike General Council), attended by hundreds of striking students at Mexico's National University (UNAM), voted for a motion initiated by the Grupo Internacionalista to send a contribution to Yugoslav workers being bombed by NATO. UNAM solidarity with Yugoslav workers  (3 June 1999) 
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