Election night Lowndes County, Alabama, 1966
ILWU at October 23 2010, Oakland rally demanding justice for Oscar Grant, murdered by the cops. (Photo: Steve Rhodes/Flickr)
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Black Liberation
Through Socialist Revolution

Outrage Over Cop Murder of Michael Brown Throws Capitalist Rulers Into National Crisis
Mobilize Across U.S. Against Racist Police Terror in Missouri
For Labor/Black/Immigrant Mobilization Now!
Stand with Protests Against Military / Police Occupation
Drop Charges Against All Arrested Protesters
All Cops and Troops Out of Ferguson, Mo.!

When a police officer in the St. Louis suburb of Ferguson, Missouri shot down an unarmed black teenager, Michael Brown, and cops left his body lying in the street for hours, it set off an explosion of mass anger that hasn’t stopped. Despite massive deployment of military weaponry and armor, demonstrators brave racist repression by local and state police and the National Guard. What has happened in this white-ruled black Missouri town is not just the result of local racism, it is also a reflection of the rampant militarization of police forces across the U.S. The federal government has poured tens of billions of dollars into arming police for internal war, and we the poor, oppressed and working people are the target. The Internationalist Group stands with the embattled people of Ferguson, and hail the courageous youth who have refused to be intimidated by everything the racist rulers have thrown at them. Racist repression is a bedrock of American capitalism. Nothing short of socialist revolution will end it. Mobilize Across U.S. Against Racist Police Terror in Missouri (August 2014)

Mobilize Workers Action Against Police Terror!
Racist NYPD Murder of Eric Garner

The racists in blue uniforms of the New York Police Department are at it again. Eric Garner, 43, was standing on a corner in Staten Island when he was set upon by cops. When he complained of harassment, they put him in a chokehold. “I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe” he said over and over, but this didn’t stop the killer cops. In the aftermath, protesters have called for the ouster of NYPD top cop William Bratton, whose policy of massive arrests for minor infractions targeted Garner. But liberals and reformist leftists have given Bratton’s boss, liberal Democratic NYC mayor Bill de Blasio, a free pass. We said at the time of his election last fall, “De Blasio Will Be ‘Bloomberg Lite’.” And so  he has been. As a capitalist Democratic Party politician, he takes his orders from Wall Street and Washington. The response to heinous crimes like the murder of Eric Garner should be to massively mobilize NYC workers and the oppressed in class-struggle action. It will take nothing less than workers revolution to put an end to this system of racist police repression. Racist NYPD Murder of Eric Garner (26 July 2014)

No Justice in the Racist Capitalist System
Workers Revolution Will Avenge Trayvon Martin
Mobilize Workers Power to Shut Down “Stop & Frisk”!
For the Right of Armed Black Self-Defense!

Trayvon Martin, the 17-year-old black youth, was lynched twice, first last year by a racist vigilante in a gated community in Sanford, Florida, and now once more in a legal lynching in court where prosecution, defense, judge and jury worked together to acquit the murderer, George Zimmerman. For the second time in two years, angry protests swept the country, as thousands chanted “the whole damn system is guilty." That system is racist American capitalism, and it will keep on claiming the lives of African Americans, Latinos and other oppressed groups until it is swept away by workers revolution. While liberal capitalist politicians, black and white, try to channel the outrage into calls for more gun control and appeals to the Obama administration, and many reformist leftist groups tag along, the Internationalist Group marched in demonstrations calling for workers mobilizations to stop racist police and vigilante terror. Workers Revolution Will Avenge Trayvon Martin (25 July 2013)

Bring Out Workers’ Power to Stop “Stop and Frisk” Cold
East Flatbush Police State: Racist NYPD Kills Again
It Will Take Workers Revolution To Avenge Kimani Gray!

On March 9, 16-year-old Kimani Gray was murdered in cold blood by two plainclothes NYPD cops, shot to death with three bullets to the back. Police officials praised it as a  “good shooting.” Four days later, police arrested almost 50 people protesting this wanton killing. Councilman Jumaane Williams denounced “outside” forces for stirring up trouble. But it is the NYPD who shot an innocent youth, guilty of nothing, and have now turned East Flatbush into a police state. We demand that all arrested demonstrators be freed and the charges dropped, and call for police to get out. The murder of Kimani Gray will amplify the outcry against the NYPD’s racist “stop and frisk” policy, but the pressure groups linked to the Democratic Party only want to clean it up. Police brutality and black oppression will not be reformed away by cop watches, civilian review boards, civil rights lawsuits or lashing out in desperate acts of impotent rage. They are written into the bedrock of racist American capitalism. There should be a mass mobilization of union power along with the millions of oppressed black, Latino and immigrant residents against police brutality and murder. Not just another Sunday parade, but surround City Hall and really occupy Wall Street until the NYPD’s racist “stop and frisk” is stopped cold. East Flatbush Police State: Racist NYPD Kills Again (19 March 2013)

Lynch Law U.S.A.: State Defends Murderer of Trayvon Martin
Outrage over the murder of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin compounds daily as the killer remains free, facing no criminal charges for gunning down the unarmed black youth from Miami Gardens, Florida. On February 26, George Zimmerman, a white self-appointed captain of a "neighborhood watch" team in a gated community in the Orlando suburb of Sanford, shot Martin, a black high-school student, who was returning to the home in the development where he and his father were staying. Police and local prosecutors never charged Zimmerman and accepted his cynical claim that he shot the unarmed youth in "self-defense." Thousands have demonstrated around the country, particularly after police tapes of 911 calls by Zimmerman were released, showing that he was stalking Martin. But the main thrust of liberals is to divert the protests into a movement for gun control laws and to get rid of "Stand Your Ground" laws. The ruling-class response seeks to take the heat off the police and tries to obscure the key fact that this was racist murder.Trayvon Martin was killed for the "crime" of "walking while black." Lynch Law U.S.A.: State Defends Murderer of Trayvon Martin  (26 March 2012)

Mobilize Workers’ Power Against Racist Cop Terror
ILWU Shuts Ports Demanding Justice for Oscar Grant
At 2 a.m. on New Year’s Day 2009, Bay Area Rapid Transit cop Johannes Mehserle stood over Oscar Grant and shot him in the back, killing the 22-year-old black man. It was the kind of cop murder, particularly of African American and Latino young men, that happens over and over in racist capitalist America. But last October 23, Local 10 of the International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU) shut down the port of Oakland, California for the day shift and led a rally of 600 outside Oakland City Hall to protest the insulting “involuntary manslaughter” verdict against Mehserle (by a jury in Los Angeles on which there was not one black person) and demand “justice for Oscar Grant.” A number of left groups were pushing the slogan “Jail Killer Cops,” one of the main demands of the demonstration. The reformists are propagating the bourgeois democratic myth that under pressure, the state can be made to serve the interests of the masses. Still, although mainly symbolic, the ILWU action points toward a real mobilization of workers’ power in militant class struggle against the brutal enforcers of capitalist “law and order.” ILWU Shuts Ports Demanding Justice for Oscar Grant  (April 2011)

What “Post-Racial” America?
Barack Obama vs. Black Liberation
For Black Liberation Through Socialist Revolution!
The election of Barack Obama as president of the United States was widely hailed as the culmination of the Civil Rights movement. Obama’s campaign was based on the illusion that the United States had moved “beyond race.” The ruling class used the occasion to claim that this proves that racism in the United States has been overcome. But racist discrimination and oppression are woven into the fabric of American capitalism. Racist police brutality is ever-present. Obama and the Democratic Party political operatives who shaped his election campaign stayed away from any mention of struggle against racism. Now black people are being told to be patient. Yet patience will not bring freedom any closer for any sector of the oppressed. Gains won through struggle can also be taken back so long as social, economic and political power remains in the hands of capital. We only have to look at the history of the Reconstruction period following the Civil War. Installing a black president won’t change the racist nature of American capitalism, any more than having Colin Powell as chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff  made the U.S. any less imperialist. Today, “diversity” is being promoted as an alternative to equality, which capitalism cannot provide. Genuine freedom and actual social, economic and political equality for blacks in America can only come about through a socialist revolution. Barack Obama vs. Black Liberation  (23 February 2009)

Mobilize Working-Class Struggle to Free Troy Now!
Abolish the Racist Death Penalty! Free Mumia Abu-Jamal!
Troy Davis Must Not Die!
There Is No Justice in the Capitalist Courts
On October 24, the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals granted a last-minute stay of execution for Troy Anthony Davis. He had been scheduled to be murdered by the state of Georgia three days later. Now the deadline has been pushed back at most to November 18, but it could come well before then. Davis, a 40-year-old black man, was convicted of the murder of a Savannah police officer in 1989. His conviction rested solely on the testimony of witnesses. Since the trial, seven of the nine eyewitnesses have recanted their testimony, several saying they were coerced by the police into fingering Davis. Three witnesses have said that another man admitted to killing the policeman. That won’t even get Troy Davis a hearing, much less set aside the guilty verdict, under the 1996 Antiterrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act, signed into law by Democratic President  Bill Clinton, which puts impossible limits on the admissibility of exculpatory evidence. Troy Davis is innocent, but Troy Davis is black and this is capitalist America, where black oppression is “enshrined” in the system of racist repression. The death penalty is a direct legacy of slavery. The power of the working class must be brought to bear, yet the labor bureaucracy and civil rights groups leaders are mobilizing their members and resources to vote for Democrat Barack Obama, who defends the death penalty. The Inter­na­tionalist Group calls on working people and the oppressed to mobilize to stop this legal lynching, to free Troy Davis and abolish the barbaric death penalty! Troy Davis Must Not Die!  (27 October 2008)

Sean Bell Gunned Down on His Wedding Day –
Mobilize Workers’ Power Against Police State Repression!

50 Bullets: Racist NYPD Cop Execution, Again
In the early morning hours of November 25, a squad of New York City police surrounded a car of three unarmed black and Latino men, and unleashed a hail of 50 bullets. The killer cops murdered the driver, Sean Bell, on the day he was to marry his fiancée and badly wounded Joseph Guzman and Trent Benefield. As the New York Police Department desperately tries to find someone to frame for the bloody crime their cops perpetrated, angry demonstrators recalled the 1999 murder of Amadou Diallo in the doorway of his home by a police death squad that fired off 41 shots. Democratic politicians rushed to line up behind Republican mayor Bloomberg to head off mass protests and keep a lid on New York. What’s needed is to mobilize power – the power of the multiracial working class along with black, immigrant and other oppressed “minority” populations who together are the overwhelming majority of New York – to put a stop to police brutality. And that will take nothing less than socialist revolution.  50 Bullets: Racist NYPD Cop Execution, Again  (5 December 2006) 

New Orleans Police State
“Ethnic Cleansing” American-style

By now everyone knows that 100,000 people, overwhelmingly black and poor, were left to die in the New Orleans death trap. Why? Because the principal objective of the government at all levels was to occupy the devastated city and put the population under martial law. Today the Big Easy is a police-state encampment, occupied by an estimated 14,000 heavily armed troops and cops and private security companies. It is a first taste of long-standing plans by the U.S. bourgeoisie to “impose order” in America’s inner cities through preventive internal war against the exploited and oppressed. Bush cronies in companies like Halliburton, Bechtel and Fluor Corporation are cashing in, while the old-line families are working out plans for a new New Orleans that is “completely different ... demographically, geographically and politically.” In other words, a city  “cleansed” of poor black peopleThis racist attack, like the war on Iraq, has been unleashed by both capitalist parties. To defeat it, it is necessary to break with all the bourgeois politicians and fight to build a revolutionary workers party. New Orleans Police State  (20 September 2005)

Hurricane Shows Race and Class Decide Who Lives and Dies in Capitalist America
New Orleans Death Trap: Thousands of Black Poor Left to Die
We Need A Revolution!
The destruction in the wake of Hurricane Katrina is being called the worst natural disaster in U.S. history. But the devastation of New Orleans was not natural, nor just the result of callous, criminal neglect – it was mass murder by the racist rulers of capitalist America. The authorities knew exactly what would happen in a major storm, and did nothing to prevent catastrophic damage. They knew the floodwall was vulnerable precisely at the point it was breached. They knew that over 100,000 people would be stranded in the city, and they left them there to die. In the aftermath, the survivors of Hurricane Katrina have been held prisoner in the flooded city. The hue and cry over looting is a racist ploy: desparate flood survivors scavenge for good while the oil companies loot on a massive scale.  As has frequently happened through the ages, a natural phenomenon laid bare the fault lines between the classes in a rotting, decaying society. The real response to this outrage is not to call on criminals in power to improve preparations for the next disaster, but to fight for socialist revolution to bring down the system that perpetuates war, racism and poverty.   New Orleans Death Trap: Thousands of Black Poor Left to Die  (5 September 2005) 

From Baghdad to Harlem and Oakland: Imperialist War Breeds Racist Cop Terror 
Alberta Spruill: Victim of NYPD Killer Elite

Alberta Spruill is dead because she was black. The 57-year-old church-going city worker was preparing to leave for her job when a squad of New York cops burst in the door of her Harlem apartment without warning and threw a deafening flash grenade. Alberta had a heart condition and screamed that she couldn’t breathe. She died on the way to the hospital. These Gestapo-like no-knock raids are now routinely carried out in black, Latino and immigrant neighborhoods. Like the brutal police assault on antiwar protesters and longshore workers in Oakland last month, this war on working peopleand oppressed minorities is the domestic reflection of the imperialist war and colonial occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq. The same day Alberta was murdered, layoff notices were sent to thousands of NYC workers. The power of the workers movement, at the forefront of all the oppressed, should be mobilized against killer cutbacks and racist cop terror. Alberta Spruill: Victim of NYPD Killer Elite  (20 May 2003)

Key Battle for Labor Rights and Black Freedom
Defend the Charleston Five!
Defeat the Racist Union-Busters with Hard Class Struggle
The fight to defend the Charleston Five is a key battle linking labor struggle with the cause of black freedom. These members of International Longshoremen’s Association Local 1422 are facing years in prison on federal charges of “felonious riot.” They are targets of a racist anti-union assault as the bosses seek to break a key outpost of black labor in the South, Charleston, the second largest port on the U.S. East Coast. On 20 January 2000, the unionists picketing a scab operation were set upon by 600 state and local riot cops and prison guards, who used tear gas, rubber bullets, concussion grenades as well as armored cars, helicopters, sniper details, police boats and attack dogs. Three days before the police riot, ILA Local 1422 participated in a march of tens of thousands in Columbia, the state capital, demanding that the Confederate flag be taken down from above the statehouse. The brutal attack in Charleston was in good part a “payback” from the racist state government. In the face of the persecution of the Charleston Five and the escalating attack on union rights, what’s called for is a solid longshore strike to shut down all three coasts.  Defend the Charleston Five!  (June 2001)

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