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"All talk to the effect that historical conditions have not yet 'ripened' for socialism is the product of ignorance or conscious deception. The objective prerequisites for proletarian revolution have not only 'ripened,' they have begun to get somewhat rotten.... The historical crisis of mankind is reduced to the crisis of the revolutionary leadership." 

– Leon Trotsky, The Transitional Program


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Welcome! The Internationalist Group, section of the League for the Fourth International, fights for international socialist revolution, the conquest of power by the working class, led by its Leninist party, championing the cause of all the oppressed. After a decade and a half in which the ruling class trumpeted the supposed "death of communism," the imperialists are bogged down in losing wars of colonial occupation in the Near East while a global economic crisis shakes the foundations of the capitalist order. With mass unemployment, poverty and hunger ravaging the planet, once again there is talk of socialism and revolution. But as in the past, the key question is that of forging a vanguard to lead the struggle of the workers and the oppressed.

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recent articles
No Party or Candidate Presents a Class Challenge
Brazil: The Election Racket of the Bourgeoisie
Cast a Blank Ballot and Forge a Revolutionary Workers Party!
We’re now at that time in the political cycle when the TV screens are filled with talking heads, theatrically pontificating and making empty campaign promises; when the electoral marketing firms are raking in profits hand over fist, when messengers hand over suitcases stuffed with cash to parliamentary deputies-for-hire, and union bureaucrats of all stripes clamp down on the workers’ struggles and instead dedicate themselves to rounding up votes. The Brazilian elections of 2014 are no exception to this rule. We Marxists do not reject on principle using the bourgeois electoral circus as a platform to present the revolutionary program, even as we recognize that this is enemy territory. But in this election there is no party or slate which could represent a working-class vote against capitalism. The three main candidates – Dilma Rousseff, of the Workers Party (PT), Marina Silva of the Brazilian Socialist Party (PSB) and Aécio Neves of the Brazilian Social Democracy Party (PSDB) – all defend capitalist rule. For their part, the parties of the opportunist left all receive substantial government subsidies. A proletarian revolutionary party would not take one cent of financing from the capitalist state, or from other capitalist institutions (foundations, companies, etc.). Our motto in this Brazilian electoral year of 2014 is the same as that put forward by the Bolshevik leader V.I. Lenin one hundred years ago: “For revolution!” Brazil: The Election Racket of the Bourgeoisie (October 2014)

Drive U.S. / NATO Imperialists Out of the Middle East
For Workers Action to Defeat 
Barack Obama’s Iraq/Syria War

On the eve of the anniversary of the 11 September 2001 attack on the World Trade Center and Pentagon, Barack Obama declared a new U.S. war, this time in Iraq (again) and Syria. The U.S. president says the bombing is being carried out to stop massacres and ethnic cleansing. This is standard procedure when Democrats launch wars. Public opinion has been whipped into a pro-war frenzy by grisly videos of beheadings of American and British captives by the fanatical Islamists of the Islamic State. Yet a key U.S. ally is Saudi Arabia, which beheads people all the time, and Barack Obama personally signs off on every drone strike. The Islamists use swords and knives, the U.S. uses drones. A “war against terrorism”? The U.S. military machine is the biggest terrorist force in the world. The Islamists slaughter hundreds, the Pentagon murders millions. This is a war for U.S. imperialist domination of the Middle East, and for world hegemony. While opposing all sides in the communal civil wars wracking Iraq and Syria, class-conscious workers must use their power to defeat he capitalist/imperialist war that targets the poor, oppressed and workers of the world. For Workers Action to Defeat Barack Obama’s Iraq/Syria War (25 October 2014)
Operation Kobanê in Germany (26 October 2014)
Protests Sweep Mexico
Huge Outrage Over Guerrero Massacre
For a National Strike Against the Murderous Government!

Over the last week there has been a deluge of outrage throughout Mexico and worldwide at the police murder of six people, including three students of the Ayotzinapa rural teachers college, and the disappearance (and possible execution) of another 43 in Iguala, Guerrero. On October 8, there were protests in at least 63 cities in 27 states of Mexico, and protests at Mexican diplomatic offices in 15 countries. In Mexico City, 25,000 marched, in the capital of Guerrero, 50,000. The state of Oaxaca was paralyzed by militant teacher unionists, who shut down the schools and blockaded highways, bridges, shopping centers and a key oil refinery. In New York City, there were two protests outside the Mexican Consulate, initiated by the Internationalist Group, on October 5 and 8. The Trotskyists emphasized that militarization in Mexico is “made in U.S.A.” and ousting a mayor, a governor or even Mexico's president will not stop the massacres and “dirty wars,” which have taken 100,000 lives in the last eight years and will continue until capitlaism is overthrown. The massive fury shown in the streets points to the need for a national strike against the murderous government pointing to international socialist revolution.
Huge Outrage Over Guerrero Massacre (12 October 2014) 

Once Again: Bloodbath, “Disappeared” Victims and Impunity
Mexico: Massacre in Iguala Calls for Mobilization and Workers Revolution
PRI, PAN, PRD: Murderous Parties of the Bourgeoisie
Forge a Workers Party That Fights For Socialist Revolution!

Following the discovery of mass graves on October 4, the massacre in Iguala, in the Mexican state of Guerrero, has become news worldwide. International organizations piously call for a “transparent investigation” and the Mexican government cla+ims to comply. Against the official hypocrisy, the relatives of the murdered and disappeared students of Ayotzinapa along with their comrades and the militant Guerrero teachers have called for marches and strikes nationally. In these mobilizations it is vital to put the responsibility for the crime in Iguala on the Mexican government and its imperialist masters.  The smokescreen about drug trafficking is nothing but an attempt to wash the blood off the hands of the regime, for it is the capitalist state that should be on trial. Guerrero has long been the scene of militant mobilizations of “those on the bottom,” and also an infernal cycle of masscres, dirty war and repression on the part of “those on top” – the capitalist ruling class. Yet from the peasant guerrillas of the 1960s to the teachers mobilizations last year, these struggles have been isolated from the power that can defeat the bloody capitalists: the urban working class. On behalf of Ayotzinapa, a class mobilization of the working people against the blood-soaked capitalists is urgently needed, to shut down key sectors of the economy and point toward socialist revolution. Mexico: Massacre in Iguala Calls for Mobilization and Workers Revolution (8 October 2014)

From Ferguson, Mo. to NYC: Capitalism = Racist Repression

Sunset Park Fights Back Against Police Attack

It’s been only two months since Eric Garner was chokeholded to death in Staten Island by the racist cops, and barely a month and a half since the police murder of 17-year-old Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. But despite the national outcry and a thousands-strong march in New York in late August, two incidents in the Sunset Park neighborhood of Brooklyn show once again the face of racist police violence under liberal Democratic NYC mayor Bill de Blasio. The first involved a heavy‑duty arrest of a vendor after a festival in the park; in the second, a cop slammed a pregnant woman on the pavement on her abdomen and her son and husband were arrested. The residents of this heavily immigrant neighborhood feel singled out for aggressive enforcement under NYPD chief William Bratton’s “broken windows” strategy of massive arrests for minor infractions. On Saturday, September 27, some 300 people came out to protest against the brutal police siege. While many called for Bratton’s resignation, racist cop terror is endemic in capitalist America. To put a stop to it will require nothing less than workers revolution. Sunset Park Fights Back Against Police Attack (28 September 2014)

The Great “People’s Climate March” Scam
On Sunday, September 21 an event billed as a People’s Climate March will be held in New York City in conjunction with the 2014 United Nations Climate Summit. It is being called “the biggest climate march in history,” with 100,000-plus participants predicted. Similar events are being held in a number of cities around the world. But the whole thing is a gigantic scam. The main organizers of the event, and Avaaz, are funded by major foundations and the same mega corporations that profit from fossil fuels. The march raises no demands and will do nothing about climate change. Instead it is a public relations stunt and marketing tool for capitalist investors looking to profit off the “new economy.” Moreover, Avaaz (a creature of hedge fund mogul George Soros) is a major lobbyist for imperialist aggression, in particular against Libya and now Syria. So Obama launches a new war in Iraq and Syria, but there are no protests. Instead, all the liberal and reformist “peace” marchers are at an empty climate march called by the war mongers. The only way to deal with the threat of global warming is through international socialist revolution to bring down the capitalist anarchy of production for profit. The Great “People’s Climate March” Scam (21 September 2014)

Cast a Critical Vote for Scottish Independence,

and Fight for Socialist Revolution to Bring Down the
Monarchy, NATO and the Rule of Capital

For a Scottish Workers Republic in a Socialist Federation of the British Isles

On September 18, voters in Scotland will go to the polls in a referendum on the question of independence from the “United Kingdom.” All three major parties in Britain’s Westminster parliament complacently figured they would win by warning of dire economic consequences. But the threats have backfired and support for secession has grown in recent weeks to the point where it could win, or come close. The bourgeois Scottish National Party is promising a rosy future in a Scandinavian-style welfare state, but the economic realities of the capitalist world market would soon undo that. Most of the opportunist left is tailing after the  SNP, while some British left groups oppose Scottish independence out of Labour loyalism. For revolutionary Marxists, this is an opportunity to accelerate the breakup of decrepit British imperialism, and to get the national question off the agenda so the class confrontation can come to the fore. While warning against illusions in the prospects of a capitalist Scotland, the League for the Fourth International calls for a critical “yes” vote for independence as part of a fight for workers revolution throughout the British Isles and Europe. For a Scottish Workers Republic in a Socialist Federation of the British Isles (15 September 2014)

CUNY Students, Faculty Speak Out Against Racist Repression

The heinous police murder of Eric Garner in Staten Island, followed by that of Michael Brown and the military/police occupation of Ferguson, Missouri, brought a wave of outrage across the United States and around the world. Thousands of anti-racist young and working people of all ethnicities took to the streets in solidarity with the besieged African American population of Ferguson, and with the families of Brown, Garner and others targeted by deadly police brutality. On September 3, the CUNY Internationalist Clubs got a strong response to our call for a “Speak-Out Against Racist Repression” at CUNY’s Hunter College in midtown Manhattan. Here is a report on the protest, with photos and excerpts from the remarks of participants. CUNY Students, Faculty Speak Out Against Racist Repression (8 September 2014)

Outrage Over Cop Murder of Michael Brown Throws Capitalist Rulers Into National Crisis
Mobilize Across U.S. Against
Racist Police Terror in Missouri

For Labor/Black/Immigrant Mobilization Now!
Stand with Protests Against Military / Police Occupation
Drop Charges Against All Arrested Protesters
All Cops and Troops Out of Ferguson, Mo.!

When a police officer in the St. Louis suburb of Ferguson, Missouri shot down an unarmed black teenager, Michael Brown, and cops left his body lying in the street for hours, it set off an explosion of mass anger that hasn’t stopped. Despite massive deployment of military weaponry and armor, demonstrators brave racist repression by local and state police and the National Guard. What has happened in this white-ruled black Missouri town is not just the result of local racism, it is also a reflection of the rampant militarization of police forces across the U.S. The federal government has poured tens of billions of dollars into arming police for internal war, and we the poor, oppressed and working people are the target. The Internationalist Group stands with the embattled people of Ferguson, and hail the courageous youth who have refused to be intimidated by everything the racist rulers have thrown at them. Racist repression is a bedrock of American capitalism. Nothing short of socialist revolution will end it. Mobilize Across U.S. Against Racist Police Terror in Missouri (August 2014)

Defeat Israel / U.S. War – For Workers Action Against Zionist Slaughter
Defend Gaza and the Palestinian People –
For Arab-Hebrew Workers Revolution!

All Settlers Out of the West Bank!
From Egypt to Turkey, Fight for Workers Revolution!

Every two years since Israel’s rulers “disengaged” from Gaza in late 2005, the Israeli military has launched a murderous attack on the 1.8 million Palestinians confined in this narrow strip along the Mediterranean. As of July 29, over 1,200 Palestinians had been killed, three-quarters of them non-combatants and at least 250 children. This is a war to terrorize the Arab population, but it has not worked. Trotskyists call to defend Gaza against the Zionist onslaught while fighting for an Arab-Hebrew Palestinian workers state. Israel is neither a “colonial-settler state” nor an “apartheid state,” but a client state and junior partner of imperialism which seeks to expel the Palestinian population. Calls for “boycotts, divestment and sanctions” (BDS) are at bottom appeals to the imperialists and will not bring down Zionist rule. Instead, we call for international workers solidarity action pointing to workers revolution throughout the region. Defend Gaza and the Palestinian People – For Arab-Hebrew Workers Revolution! (29 July 2014)  

Mobilize Workers Action Against Police Terror!
Racist NYPD Murder of Eric Garner

The racists in blue uniforms of the New York Police Department are at it again. Eric Garner, 43, was standing on a corner in Staten Island when he was set upon by cops. When he complained of harassment, they put him in a chokehold. “I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe” he said over and over, but this didn’t stop the killer cops. In the aftermath, protesters have called for the ouster of NYPD top cop William Bratton, whose policy of massive arrests for minor infractions targeted Garner. But liberals and reformist leftists have given Bratton’s boss, liberal Democratic NYC mayor Bill de Blasio, a free pass. We said at the time of his election last fall, “De Blasio Will Be ‘Bloomberg Lite’.” And so  he has been. As a capitalist Democratic Party politician, he takes his orders from Wall Street and Washington. The response to heinous crimes like the murder of Eric Garner should be to massively mobilize NYC workers and the oppressed in class-struggle action. It will take nothing less than workers revolution to put an end to this system of racist police repression. Racist NYPD Murder of Eric Garner (26 July 2014)

After 5-Month Platinum Strike, 200,000+ NUMSA Members Walk Out
Worker Revolt Continues to Shake South African Capitalism
Victory to the Metal Workers Strike!
South African bosses are worried. No sooner had the five-month platinum miners ended, the longest in South Africa’s history, than 220,000 members of the National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa, the largest union on the continent, walked out. Bosses claimed the NUMSA strike was costing them 30 million dollars a day. The miners strike ended with a limited but real victory: facing down police repression and company attempts to starve them out, strikers won a substantial wage increase. Yet mine workers will still be living in abject poverty. NUMSA has declared its opposition to the ruling African National Congress (ANC) and its Tripartite Alliance which has held workers down for two decades and led to the 2012 Marikana massacre. But South Africa’s system of white supremacy was built on the bedrock of superexploitation of black labor, and has not changed under the black capitalist regime. Freedom from apartheid slavery for the impoverished masses requires a sharp break from the politics of class collaboration, rejection of the reformist myth of a “national democratic” (bourgeois) revolution and a fight for a black-centered workers government to begin the international socialist revolution. Worker Revolt Continues to Shake South African Capitalism (July 2014)

Elections and Miners Strike: South African Popular Front in Crisis (30 April 2014)
A Victory for Workers Solidarity
Flash: Wyatt McMinn Not Guilty!
At a trial today, June 27, in Clark County District Court in Vancouver, Washington, Wyatt McMinn, the vice president of Local 10 of the Painters Union and a class-struggle trade unionist, was found not guilty of first degree criminal trespass. He stood up to an anti-union lobbying outfit which under the phony slogan of “right to work” would take away workers’ right to unionize. This is a victory for labor rights, democratic rights and workers solidarity. Wyatt McMinn Not Guilty (27 June 2014)

Drop the Charges Against Wyatt McMinn Now! (January 2014)
Defend Wyatt McMinn, Defeat “Right to Slave”!
(November 2013)

Obama’s Back-to-Work Order Is a Trap
SEPTA Workers: Strike Together to Win! 
Just past midnight on Saturday, June 14, over 400 unionized workers of the Southeast Pennsylvania Transit Authority walked off their jobs, following four years of fruitless contract negotiations with the SEPTA administration. But within a matter of hours, the Democratic administration of Barack Obama issued an executive order forcing the strikers back to work and barring IBEW and BLET from striking for 240 days. Obama s back-to-work order was a body blow to SEPTA unions. Yet it was hailed by the leadership of the striking unions (BLET/Teamsters and IBEW). The union tops had repeatedly called for increased government intervention in negotiations with SEPTA. SEPTA workers have enormous power in their hands, but they are stymied by a leadership that divides the workers and looks to the bosses government rather than the power of workers solidarity. To overcome this, Philly mass transit workers should elect a joint strike committee and prepare for industrial-strength action against SEPTA and the federal straightjacket.
SEPTA Workers: Strike Together to Win! (June 2014)

For Proletarian Opposition to U.S./E.U./NATO Imperialists Cold War Drive!
The Bugbear of “Russian Imperialism”

In the global crisis unleashed by the battle over Ukraine, the imperialists are preparing a new Cold War. Meanwhile, quite a few social-democratic groups echo the Western media, railing against “Russian imperialism” for incorporating Crimea and accusing Moscow of fomenting unrest in eastern Ukraine. Many of these outfits have repeatedly backed all sorts of nationalists and ultra-reactionaries sponsored by Western imperialism. Not everyone on the left is repeating the imperialist refrain over Ukraine, but among those who don’t there is little clarity about the nature of the capitalist states that arose out of the counterrevolution that destroyed the multinational Soviet Union. Is Russia imperialist? A detailed analysis of capitalist Russia and the other post-Soviet states shows that the relation of Russia and Ukraine today is not one of imperial overlord and semi-colonial vassal but of two intermediate level capitalist states, despite differences in their relative power. Today, the main threat to working people in the clash over Ukraine is the imperialist-backed junta of ethnic-nationalist fascists and free-market rightists in Kiev, not “Russian imperialism.”
While supporting the Crimeas exercise of the right to self-determination by joining Russia and the right of eastern and southern Ukraine to self-rule, Trotskyists fight for proletarian internationalism against all the capitalist exploiters, and particularly against the imperialists, their Ukrainian bourgeois puppets and fascist attack dogs. The Bugbear of “Russian Imperialism” (May 2014)

From the Current Issue 

Internationalist No.

The Internationalist No. 37
(May-June 2014) 
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Get the Hell Out of Afghanistan and Iraq – And Stay Out!
From Ukraine to Middle East: U.S. Imperialism Strikes Out
Instigating Ethnic/Religious War in the Name of “Democracy”
After the February coup d
état that installed a Ukrainian nationalist/fascist junta in Kiev, its U.S. and European backers were thrown for a loop by Russia’s swift and bloodless takeover of Crimea, to the applause of the local population. Kiev’s military offensive against pro-Russian rebels in eastern Ukraine provoked massive popular opposition. Now with Ukraine coming apart at the seams, suddenly Iraq appears to be disintegrating as well, as the sectarian Shiite regime loses ground to Sunni Islamist jihadis. The quagmire in which Washington finds itself is of its own making: U.S. rulers have pursued a bipartisan policy of promoting ethnic and religious war in order to maintain world domination. The arrogant Yankee imperialists sowed the wind, and now they are reaping the whirlwind. In Ukraine, internationalist communists recognize the right to autonomy and self-determination of the Russian-speaking regions and defend the anti-Kiev rebellion while opposing both Ukrainian and Russian nationalism. In Iraq, U.S. troops must be opposed while supporting none of the contending factions. Everywhere we fight for socialist revolution. From Ukraine to Middle East: U.S. Imperialism Strikes Out (20 June 2014)

Organize Workers Defense Committees to Defend the Favelas, Protests and Social Movements
Brazil: No to the World Cup of Repression!

On the 50th anniversary of the civilian/military coup that overthrew the government of Jango Goulanrt and began 21 years of bloody military dictatorship, of torture, of disappearances, of epression against the working people and poor, several of the favelas of Rio de Janeiro were subjected to occupation. This outright war against the most impoverished neighborhoods is intimately linked to the preparations for the World Cup of soccer, beginning on June 12, when the local, state and federal governments, and the bourgeoisie of Brazil as a whole, want to put the “Marvelous City” (nickname for Rio de Janeiro) on display. Contrary to the claims of many reformist leftists, this escalation of repression is not fascism but bourgeois democracy, which was born bathed in the blood of blacks, indigenous peoples and the poor. The Comitê de Luta Classista (Class Struggle Committee) and the Liga Quarta-Internacionalista do Brasil (Fourth Internationalist League of Brazil) call on the entire workers movement to mobilize its forces against the bourgeoisie
s World Cup of Repression. In April, the state-wide unions of teachers (SEPE-RJ) and health workers (SINDSPREV-RJ) approved motions put forward by the CLC calling to  “Drive out the pro-imperialist occupation troops from Haiti, the favelas and social movements” and to build workers defense committees to unite the favela with the factory and the protests in the streets. Brazil: No to the World Cup of Repression! (May 2014)

Don’t Fall for Democrats’ Campaign Promises
Fight Low-Wage Slavery, Mobilize Workers’ Power
For Class Struggle Against Capitalism, Build a Revolutionary Workers Party!
We are well into the sixth year of a capitalist economic crisis with no end in sight. The bosses are making money hand over fist, while we the workers pay the price – low-wage workers most of all. The fight against poverty wages must be the fight of all working people – and it must be waged first and foremost against the Democratic Party. In recent months there has been a groundswell of calls to raise the minimum wage to $15. That is still a poverty wage. Beyond the numbers, the rulers will use every trick in the book to whittle it down, delay it and load it up with all sorts of exemptions. Yet the various campaigns all focus on pressuring the Democrats. Even when led by ostensible socialists, they are basically electoral gimmicks. The “strikes” that have been called are purely symbolic. What’s needed isn’t appeals to “elected officials” but to mobilize union power. A class-struggle fight against poverty wages would seek to build fighting unions, beginning with assemblies of low-wage workers. It would insist on mass mobilization and independence from the Democrats and all capitalist parties and politicians, and would not limit itself to narrow “bread-and-butter” economic demands.
Fight Low-Wage Slavery, Mobilize Workers’ Power (June 2014)
Seattle’s “$15 Later” Law – A “Historic Victory”? Hardly (June 2014)
Fascist Pogrom in Odessa, And the Aftermath
The protests that began last November in Kiev were soon dominated by right-wing Ukrainian ethnic nationalists and outright fascists. While Western governments and many on the left hailed the “democratic” uprising, we and others warned that the fascist/nationalist coup regime backed by the U.S. and European imperialists was a threat to the Russian-speaking population in East and South Ukraine. On May 2 came the indelible, horrific proof. By official count, at least 48 people were murdered in the heinous massacre and hundreds injured. The stage was set as paramilitary squads were brought in for a “march for Ukrainian unity.” This was a deliberate provocation by the Kiev junta. After clashes with anti-Kiev militia members, neo-Nazis of Pravy Sektor along with other fascists burned tents of pro-Russian protesters, then set fire with gasoline bombs to the House of Trade Unions where they had fled for safety. The Ukrainian nationalist crowd sang the national anthem as they watched dozens being incinerated. Police did nothing to stop this, then arrested the survivors of this pogrom. The Odessa massacre of May 2 is the ugly face of Ukrainian fascism backed by state power.
Fascist Pogrom in Odessa, And the Aftermath” (May 2014)

Victory to the Platinum Miners!
Elections and Miners Strike:
South African Popular Front in Crisis

For a Black-Centered Workers Government!
For a Revolutionary Workers Party with a Trotskyist Program!

South Africa heads to the polls May 7 in the most important election since the 1994 vote which marked the formal end of the apartheid system of white minority rule. The cold-blooded massacre of 34 platinum miners in Marikana in August 2012 has galvanized opposition to the Tripartite Alliance. Last December, the National Union of Metalworkers (NUMSA), with 340,000 members the largest union in South Africa, denounced the ruling African National Congress (ANC) and South African Communist Party (SACP) as nakedly pro-capitalist and came out against electoral support to the ANC or any other political party in the 2014 elections. Meanwhile, 70,000 platinum miners are in the fourth month of a bitter strike not only against the companies but also against the policies of the ANC government which has backed the mine bosses to the hilt. The intersection of these two events could pose an explosive challenge to capitalist rule in the economic powerhouse of Africa: the non-white masses are fed up with the black capitalist regime which has kept them mired in poverty, while the corrupt rulers have no answers but bloody repression. Yet a key ingredient is lacking to provide a positive outcome to this crisis: revolutionary leadership. Elections and Miners Strike: South African Popular Front in Crisis (30 April 2014)

U.S./European Union Anti-Russia Drive Backfires
Self-Determination for Crimea – Oppose Sanctions!

Down with the Imperialist-Backed Fascist/Nationalist Coup in Ukraine!
Against Russian and Ukrainian Nationalism and Anti-Semitism – For Workers Revolution!
Since late November, Ukraine has been convulsed by a right-wing nationalist and pro-imperialist mobilization culminating in a coup d’état that drove out the widely despised president Viktor Yanukovich and has split the country in two. Within hours of seizing power, the usurpers decreed that Russian would no longer be accepted as an official language, enraging the Russian-speaking east and south of the country. The mobilization, falsely portrayed in the Western media as nothing but “peaceful pro-democracy demonstrators,” from early on was led by ethnic nationalists, fascists and outright Nazis. The U.S. and European Union were up to their necks in financing and backing these sinister putschists. Russian president Vladimir Putin correctly saw the coup as a blow aimed at Moscow by the Western imperialists, and struck back swiftly, taking over the Crimean peninsula, home of the Russian Black Sea fleet, to the applause of the majority Russian local population. Now Washington and the E.U. are sputtering, with the U.S. threatening economic sanctions and worse. The League for the Fourth International calls for self-determination for Crimea
and would oppose any attempt to prevent or undermine that, whether imperialist sanctions, military threats or cutting off vital supplies. We demand that the U.S./EU/NATO imperialists get out of Ukraine and call for close collaboration by Ukrainian and Russian workers fighting for international socialist revolution. Down with the Imperialist-Backed Fascist/Nationalist Coup in Ukraine! (12 March 2014)

From the Previous Issue 

Internationalist No.

The Internationalist No. 36
(January-February 2014) 
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Break with the Tripartite Alliance Popular Front – Build a Revolutionary Workers Party!
South Africa: Workers Slam ANC Neo-Apartheid Regime

The August 2012 massacre of mine workers at Marikana marked a turning point in South African history, intensifying class struggle and opening what could become a revolutionary period. If the Sharpeville massacre of 1960 drove home the murderous nature of the apartheid regime of white supremacy, Marikana laid bare the deadly reality of its successor, the neo-apartheid regime presided over by the African National Congress (ANC), which is still based on the super-exploitation of black labor. Its role as guarantor of racist capitalism exposed, the ANC’s governing alliance is beginning to come undone in the face of massive discontent among the vast black and non-white majority over the continued poverty, police brutality and exclusion. In December, the National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa (NUMSA), the largest union on the African continent, held a special congress which officially declared its break with the ANC, and with the Tripartite Alliance – a nationalist popular front which also includes the Congress of South African Trade Unions and the South African Communist Party. NUMSA called for a political organization to lead the struggle for a socialist South Africa. The question is, what is meant by socialism, and how do you get there? As South African workers direct their anger at their black capitalist rulers, the key to the outcome will be to forge a revolutionary workers party to fight for international socialist revolution. for international socialist revolution. South Africa: Workers Slam ANC Neo-Apartheid Regime (7 January 2014)

Nelson Mandela, 1918-2013
South Africa has lost Nelson Mandela, one of the most decisive men in that country’s life over the last hundred years. He suffered every sort of persecution and came to be the biggest personal symbol of resistance in the political struggle against racist apartheid. But history will also register that Mandela, the South African Communist Party and the ANC did everything possible to keep the struggle against racism in that country confined to the framework of capitalism and bourgeois democracy, preventing the socialist revolution that was entirely possible to achieve. As a consequence, the black and coloured population today still lives in poverty. Nelson Mandela, 1918-2013 (6 December 2013)
Top Local Democrats Back Kshama Sawant
“Socialist” Elected in Seattle on Platform of Liberal/Populist Reforms

In November, voters in Seattle, Washington elected Kshama Sawant, candidate of Socialist Alternative, to an at-large seat on the City Council, preferring her to the incumbent Democrat. The bulk of the left cheered in unison. The big business press, however, was remarkably nonchalant about the victory for a nominally Marxist, socialist working-class party. In reality, Sawant is a social democrat who campaigned on a straight liberal/populist platform that was hardly to the left of candidates of minor capitalist parties. Her signature issue, a $15/hour minimum wage, was endorsed by both major (Democratic) mayoral candidates. The election of Sawant has been linked, both by the bourgeois media and by various left groups to the election of Democrat Bill de Blasio as mayor of New York. Indeed, the liberal Democrat and the “democratic socialist” campaigned on similar themes, and Sawant was endorsed by former top Seattle Democrats. While reformists talk vaguely about “change,” they only promote illusions in bourgeois democracy. The struggles for the immediate needs of workers and the oppressed must be linked to the fight to forge a revolutionary workers party.  “Socialist” Elected in Seattle on Platform of Liberal/Populist Reforms (December 2013)

Free Abortion on Demand!
Ecuador: Populist President Correa Attacks Women’s Right to Abortion
For Women’s Liberation Through Socialist Revolution!
There is an onslaught against women’s right to abortion underway, extending from the U.S. to Central and South America. This is notably the case in Nicaragua, El Salvador and now Ecuador, all three countries under supposedly leftist governments. Ecuador’s president Rafael Correa, a bourgeois populist who came to office in 2007, recently let loose a tirade to squelch any talk of reform on abortion. He thundered, accusing women legislators of his own party of “disloyalty” and “treason” for daring to the minimal reform of permitting abortion in cases of rape. Correa’s tirade was immediately saluted by some of the most reactionary anti-women forces. This onslaught against women’s rights reflected the increasingly authoritarian character of Correa’s presidency, in which all manner of left-wing dissent is subjected to state repression. Against the unholy alliance of right and populist “left” against women’s rights, the League for the Fourth International call for the repeal of all laws penalizing or restricting abortion, and fight for free abortion on demand, in safe, high-quality medical facilities.
Ecuador: Populist President Correa Attacks Women’s Right to Abortion (December 2013)

Drive Out the MINUSTAH! Workers to Power!
Haiti: Women Workers Strike Against Starvation Wages
U.S. Unions Must Join the Battle
This week the anger of workers in Haiti’s export garment industry over their miserable wages finally boiled over. On December 10, hundreds of workers gathered at the industrial park outside the capital to demand, as they have for months, a minimum wage of US$11.50 per day. They cannot live on their present pay of $5 a day. As the workers, mostly young women, marched into the city brandishing tree branches, their numbers swelled. The next day they were blocked by riot police when they tried to march on the upscale town where Haitian president Michel Martelly lives. On December 12, the bosses locked them out. The workers face bitter opposition not only from the profit-gouging factory owners, but also from Haiti’s bourgeois government, their imperialist patrons in the U.S. embassy and the MINUSTAH mercenary troops occupying the country since 2004. What’s needed is the mobilization of workers’ power in class struggle, but not just Haitian workers. To prevent manufacturers from simply shifting production to even lower-wage countries, it would require active support action by U.S. unions. Against the solid wall of capital, the only road out of grinding poverty for the Haitian masses is an international struggle for socialist revolution, together with Dominican workers and peasants next door and with workers in the U.S. imperialist heartland. Haiti: Women Workers Strike Against Starvation Wages (12 December 2013)

Publication of the Internationalist Clubs at the City University of New York (click on masthead to go to Revolution index)


                                                          No. 9Revolution No. 10
(October 2013)
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ROTC Reinstated, War Criminal Hired
David “Death Squad” Petraeus, Out of CUNY Now!

When the City University of New York hired former general David Petraeus to teach a course at its elite college, it was an outrage and a provocation. Petraeus was the head of U.S. imperialism’s Murder Inc., the CIA, as well as former commander of the bloody occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan. He had recently become notorious for importing the use of death squads from Central America to Iraq, leaving in its wake tens of thousands of Iraqis killed and tortured. From the moment his appointment was announced, the CUNY Internationalist Clubs raised a vigorous protest, and from the start of the fall semester there have been repeated protests calling to drive this war criminal out through protest and exposure. This issue of Revolutionincludes articles on the history of death squads in El Salvador, U.S. war crimes in Vietnam and linking Petraeus’ hiring to the bourgeoisie's drive to reintroduce the Reserve Officer Training Corps at CUNY as part of the militarization of the largest urban university in the U.S. Also: a polemic contrasting the Trotskyist program of revolutionary class struggle to Maoist-reformist “people's power” politics, “Fruitvale Station and the Fight for Black Freedom,” and more.  David “Death Squad” Petraeus, Out of CUNY Now!  (October 2013)

Throw Back CCNY s Racist Eviction
Defend the Morales/Shakur Center!

On October 20, the City College administration at the City University of New York sealed off the Morales/Shakur Community and Student Center, carrying out their longtime goal of evicting the many students who use the space as a center for radical organizing. Formed in 1989, the Center was won through struggle by activists who successfully mobilized against a tuition hike and named the center after Puerto Rican independence fighter Guillermo Morales and former Black Panther Assata Shakur. The eviction of the Morales/Shakur Center was clearly linked to the struggle by students and faculty at CUNY to drive out war criminal David Petraeus and the recently reinstated Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC), also headquartered at CCNY. Hundreds of students came out the next day to protest CCNY’s racist eviction. The Internationalist Clubs call on students to join in the struggle to defeat and uproot imperialism through world socialist revolution. Throw Back CCNY s Racist Eviction Defend the Morales/Shakur Center(21 October 2013)

Outrage!Unprovoked Police Attack on Peaceful Protest by CUNY Students and Faculty Against Ex-Gen. David Petraeus
There has been a mounting outcry at the City University of New York ever since CUNY authorities announced last April that they had appointed former General David Petraeus, ex-head of the Central Intelligence Agency and ex-commander of U.S. occupation forces in Iraq and Afghanistan, as a “distinguished visiting professor” at the elite Macaulay Honors College. At the same time, the university announced it was reinstituting the Reserve Officer Training Corps, which had been driven out of CUNY over 40 years ago. With the beginning of the fall semester, the Ad Hoc Committee Against the Militarization of CUNY called protests against ROTC and Petraeus. At the fourth protest, on September 17, police staged an unprovoked attack on peaceful demonstrators outside Macaulay College, brutally beating and arresting six students. This attack on basic democratic rights has been met by widespread outrage, at CUNY, elsewhere in New York City and around the country. We reprint here the press release by the Ad Hoc Committee. Unprovoked Police Attack (17 September 2013)
Internationalist Video: Police Attack CUNY Protest Against War Criminal Petraeus
Along with other powerful videos, this Internationalist video shows, in an extended uncut segment, how students, faculty and supporters were peacefully demonstrating; how police forced protesters into the street and then charged, singling out individuals; and how police officers and supervisors brutally beat one of those arrested. (Other videos, linked below, show the savage beating of a different protester and other aspects of he police attack.) Internationalist Video: Police Attack CUNY Protest Against War Criminal Petraeus (22 September 2013)

Striking Mexican Students Send Solidarity to CUNY Protesters
In Mexico City, tens of thousands of teachers have been on strike since mid-August against a government assault on public education. On September 13, police drove strikers out of Mexico City’s main square. That night, students at the National School of Anthropology and History (ENAH) occupied their campus in solidarity with the teachers, and continued to do so for the next week. While on the barricades the ENAH students voted a motion of solidarity with the student proteters against militarization at CUNY who had just been attacked by NYC police.
StrikingMexican Students Send Solidarity to CUNY Protesters (18 September 2013)

RT Video Exposes NYPD Brutalizing Students in Protest Against Petraeus
In this report and interview, Denise Ford, one of the six arrested students, explains why the appointment of war criminal Petraeus has provoked angry protest at CUNY.
RT Video Exposes NYPD Brutalizing Students in Protest Against Petraeus (21 September 2013)

Two Videos Show NYPD Attack on Demonstrators
These two videos show demonstrators peacefully protesting, and NYPD officers and a plainclothes cop kidney-punching an immobilized student at the September 17 protest against war criminal Petraeus.
NYPD Officers Cuff and Assault Student at Petraeus Protest (18 September 2013)
NYPD Attacks CUNY Protesters At Petraeus Protest (18 September 2013)

See also our earlier article:

Macaulay War College?
War Criminal Petraeus, Out of CUNY!

The City University of New York has just announced the appointment of ex-general David Petraeus ex-commander of the Iraq/Afghanistan wars and former CIA chief as a visiting professor in the university s Macaulay Honors College. News of this sparked widespread outrage at CUNY. Petraeus is a certified war criminal, who oversaw torture centers and the collateral murder of civilians in Iraq, bombings of wedding parties in Afghanistan and Obama s campaign of targeted killings by drones which has murdered over 200 children in Pakistan alone. The Internationalist Clubs call on students, faculty, staff and campus workers to drive war criminal Petraeus out of CUNY with protest and exposure. War Criminal Petraeus, Out of CUNY! (25 April 2013)

Defend North Korea and China Against Imperialism and Counterrevolution!
U.S. War Provocations Push Korea to the Brink

For the Revolutionary Reunification of Korea, North and South!
Over the last month and a half, the United States and South Korea have engaged in an escalating series of military provocations against North Korea. Simultaneous “war games” have simulated a nuclear aerial bombing of the North, a ground invasion from the South, annihilation of the leadership and the “insertion” of tens of thousands of U.S. troops searching for nukes. While the imperialist media are, as usual, strenuously demonizing the North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and playing up blustering statements coming out of the North Korean capital of Pyongyang, the Pentagon has been laying the basis for a military strike against the North. The whole operation is part of detailed plan elaborated by the Obama administration, dubbed “the playbook,” for U.S. shows of force. But this is no football game. The Internationalist Group and League for the Fourth International defend North Korea, a bureaucratically deformed workers state, against the war provocations, economic blockade and any attack by U.S. imperialism and its South Korean junior partners, no matter how it starts. We also defend North Korea’s development of nuclear weapons, its main deterrent against a war by the power which laid waste to the North in the Korean War. U.S. War Provocations Push Korea to the Brink (13 April 2013) 


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